How to Prevent Fraud in your Online Booking Tool

Whether it is someone trying to get into your personal Netflix account or trying to extort money from your travel company, fraudulent practices are everywhere. In fact, travel industry organizations are often targeted, as some people look to re-sell airline tickets and hotel bookings to make a profit. Once travel opens again and you see a flood of booking traffic, here are 3 ways you can prevent fraud in your online booking tool so nothing slips by you.

  1. Profile Creation

Having travelers create a profile in your online booking tool is the best way to prevent fraud, as it ensures everyone that should have access to the tool, does have access. Commonly, there are 3 ways a user can create a profile: through an HR Feed directly from the client’s HR system, created manually by the travel administrator or through a self-registration link. However, not just anyone can create a profile through a self-registration link, as self-registration must always be approved by the travel admin. Profile creation is something that should be done by every organization to prevent fraud.

  1. Visual Guilt

When optimizing an online booking tool, you can make sure that certain, out of the ordinary, things get marked as “out of policy.” This way, you can oversee all trips, including those over a certain dollar amount, trips more costly than the cheapest available option or even the destination of trips in order to make sure nothing is out of place. While this doesn’t necessarily stop anyone who is determined to commit fraud in the system, it will cause them to think about what they are booking and why, since extravagant bookings will surely be flagged.

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  1. Notifications

Setting up notifications is another great tip for organizations, as it does not require any extra work, yet can still allow for action if needed. Notifications can be set up for anyone, as they can be sent to a direct manager, travel administrator or group of people. This way, the appropriate people will simply be notified of the activity and will be able to act on it if it is suspicious.

With just a few simple steps, there are many ways to prevent fraud in your online booking tool. If you have any questions about keeping your policy secure, reach out to Fox World Travel!

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