Impact Your Incentive Trips Through Fox

Planning an incentive program for your most profitable customers or an executive retreat for your top decision makers?

Do you know the ins and outs of the planning process, the best hotels to book or the latest negotiation trends? Relying on your third-party meeting and incentive planning team is your best way to check all the boxes and take your program to the next level.


Current Trends in Contracting

The hospitality industry has faced many changes in the past several years. Making sure your clauses, concessions and inclusions match not only the industry changes, but the best interests of your group and the strongest return on the bottom line for your organization is one of the best ways you can improve the experience and financials of your programs. While you may only do a couple of programs a year, third party planners work daily on behalf of a variety of clients with properties around the world, allowing them to keep their expertise current.


Efficient Management of Registration

Third-party planners have registration tools and systems in place to collect and store your attendee’s information efficiently, accurately, and safely. This ensures the registration and reporting process is smooth for everyone involved. These streamlined processes make your attendee’s first impression of your event a positive one and save hours of manual work for your team.


Property Knowledge

Being able to lean on your third-party planner for property knowledge is one of the most valuable resources to making your program successful. Some properties are more suited to certain sizes of groups or to a certain program flow. Your best friend’s mother may have stayed at the property personally and it was a ‘wonderful experience,’ but it may not be the best location to meet the needs of your incentive group. Your third-party planner will work with you to identify the needs and expectations of your group to best align you with properties which will create a memorable experience specific to your group.


Focus on Your Attendees

Leaving the heavy lifting of the details to someone else allows your team to focus on the parts of the group for which they are the experts. Whether networking at an incentive event or focusing on the content of an important meeting, your time is best spent focusing on your strongest skills and the business you know best.


If you are looking to plan your next incentive trip, reach out to our Fox Meetings and Incentives team!


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