Impact Your Influence

Challenges are the source of new opportunities to increase your influence within your organization. Travel managers have faced new challenges over the last two years and have had to approach business differently. These challenges pushed travel managers to the forefront, gaining greater visibility from company leaders. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, there is an ongoing opportunity for travel managers to leverage this visibility and grow travel management’s influence within their organizations. There are a few best practices that will help you, as a travel manager, highlight the IMPACT you can make within your industry and organization.


Showcase Cost Savings:

The global economy is experiencing the financial impact of supplier cost increases and resource scarcity. The travel industry is no exception to this trend. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a travel manager to positively impact your bottom line. Review your supplier partnerships and focus on optimizing your most preferred volume vendors to ensure your organization is receiving the right benefits that bring the most value to your travel program. Partner with your TMC to ensure you are proactively utilizing any unused tickets and taking full advantage of discounted rates and other cost savings negotiated by your TMC on your behalf.

Fox’s scorecard is a great way to share your travel program’s financial successes and avoided costs. Fox facilitates an effective vendor relationship, thereby ensuring the partner relationship remains healthy by evaluating your spend and market share. Share the scorecard with your travel program’s stakeholders and executive leaders to showcase the value of not only your hard work as a travel manager, but the contracted savings you achieve through your partnership with Fox.


Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Programs:

We all know there is power in numbers. You may not have the volume to negotiate larger discounts, but Fox is looking out for you and extending all types of discounts to clients including airline, hotel, car rental, as well as airport parking discounts. At Fox, we work with our airline partners to enroll small to mid-size organizations in SME programs, which provide upfront discounts. As a BCD Travel affiliate, we are able to offer both Fox and BCD consortium hotel savings to supplement your hotel program, allowing travelers to take advantage of BCD and Fox negotiated rates even when traveling in a city without preferred hotel discounts. Our account managers are very well educated on these programs and ensure they share this information with their clients up front.


Influential Reporting Capabilities

Fox’s reporting platform provides a plethora of reports with nearly 100 standard reports that can easily be accessed and run on-demand 24/7/365 by our clients. Travel managers can focus on Spend Analysis, Vendor Management, Policy/Risk Management, Activity Management, and Carbon Reporting.
This reporting is customizable, allowing a travel manager to schedule broadcast reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence. Exception based reporting and leakage can be discussed on a monthly basis with your Fox account manager and shared with your internal executives and decision makers.


The fact is, Fox has partnerships across the globe that are intended to make your program easier to follow, more cost effective to manage and an overall better experience for your road warriors.
These partners and the many other programs, partnerships and agreements Fox has established on your behalf are just the beginning of how you can IMPACT your influence.



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