Increase Your Network Through Meetings and Incentives

After two years of working remotely and strictly interacting with colleagues and industry contacts via screens, many businesspeople are feeling the itch to get back to in-person events. The biggest reason for this desire is often the ability to network. So, how can you make your event impactful in providing quality networking opportunities to your attendees?


Mobile App

Mobile apps allow attendees to interact with one another in real-time, even before and after the event. User profiles allow attendees to connect with others with shared interests. Pictures and reactions to sessions and speakers can be shared in real-time to build connections. After the event has concluded and everyone travels home, attendees can easily connect with one another for further business interactions. Gamification can be created within the platform to allow attendees to compete for the top spot based upon criteria you set unique to your event.



Event name badges are no longer just for gaining access to events and acting as an easy way to recall names which may have slipped our minds. The use of designated colors or ribbons can allow attendees to connect on shared interests and with like-minded attendees. Creating an easy-to-read badge layout further enhances their effectiveness.


Interactive Entertainment

Utilizing entertainment which gets attendees engaged and excited further enhances networking. Whether a live musical performance, a competitive game or an industry speaker, shared experiences allow attendees to engage and develop fast connections. A personal connection typically will create a stronger and longer lasting bond between attendees at in-person events.


Organic Interaction

With the return to events, all the excitement may cause you to want to overload your program schedule with every minute consumed with a scheduled activity. Instead, continue to maintain social interactions which are organic. This can be accomplished at coffee stations, hosted lounges, or during down time between sessions. 


Matched Networking

Use information from the registration process to match attendees with others at the event who will aid them in their networking. It can be set up as a mentoring program, an opportunity for an attendee to learn about a topic or be the expert on the topic or even a way to meet others who have similar job functions. The possibilities are endless. 


If you are looking for more tips on how to elevate the networking opportunities at your events, reach out to our Fox Meetings and Incentives team!


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