Increasing Influence Within Your Company’s Leadership in 2022 and Beyond – An Executive’s Perspective

By Sam Hilgendorf, CIO for Fox World Travel


Over the last two years, Covid-19 has put travel programs and traveler safety in the spotlight. In the early months of 2020, it was essential for executive teams to understand the immediate financial impact of the pandemic while balancing the health and safety risk of travelers when corporate travel started to resume. These challenges pushed travel managers to the forefront, gaining greater visibility from company leaders. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, there’s an ongoing opportunity for travel managers to leverage this visibility and grow travel management’s influence within their organizations.


Here are three approaches to increase credibility and your influence within your organization:


Do not be afraid to talk about the tough stuff

Travel in current times is difficult and ever-changing. Do not shy away from honestly addressing the uncertainties or potential challenges you face as it will help set everyone’s expectations. Transparency when dealing with difficult and dynamic circumstances is an essential part of building strong, trusting relationships with company leaders. Many travel managers approach their role as an advocate for those traveling employees to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

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Demonstrate your alignment with company values

Corporate values are the bedrock of an organization’s culture and how employees should make decisions to achieve the goals and vision of the company as a whole. These values include everything from adding value to individual roles to ensuring the health and happiness of their employees. Being able to align company values with how you spend your time demonstrates dedication to the overall success of the company and provides solid examples to talk about the value your work brings to the organization. Company values also provide accountability for the choices and actions you take. By looking at the challenges you face in your role through the lens of your company’s values, you demonstrate your alignment to the greater good of the organization.

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Understand what is important

It seems obvious, but the fastest way to get people talking is by continuing to meet and exceed expectations. Leverage the increased awareness and interest of travel management to understand what executive leadership wants to achieve with the company’s travel program. It is a great time to engage stakeholders and ensure your travel program is at peak performance.

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Our Fox’s business travel experts can help you find ways to ensure an efficient experience for your travelers while elevating your travel program.


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