Aloha! Meet your Hawaii Specialty Team

𝑯𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒐 𝑰𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔! We are sharing wonderful news from vacation travel. We are launching a new Hawaii specialty team. This new team features eight certified Hawaiian experts who have traveled and studied the Hawaiian Islands to offer you the best recommendations for accommodations, tours, and activities to maximize your next Hawaiian vacation.

Traveling to Hawaii takes a bit longer than other tropical islands (like the Caribbean) so what makes Hawaii one of the most popular destinations?

Why visit Hawaii!

The Untouched beauty

Many parts of Hawaii include amazing, secluded paradise. It’s a hiker’s paradise with panoramic views of ocean and mountains. Plus, appreciate the sun rise and set over the water every day!

The Weather

Hawaii’s winter season doesn’t drop below 75°F (24°C) during the day—ever! Enjoy shorts, tanks or bathing suit as your typical attire all year long.


Hawaii is home to beautiful animals that thrive near the coastal regions, and you can catch a peek if you keep an eye out for them. From whales, dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals or mongoose – it is truly amazing to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Thriving culture

Hawaii’s beauty truly shines through its people! Hawaii is home to a diverse melting pot of cultures – adding to Hawaii’s charm. From authentic cuisine, talented locals, Hula demonstrations at luaus and the charming Hawaiian language, the long-standing cultural traditions shine everywhere you turn.

Aloha spirit

You will feel the aloha spirit surround you from the moment you step on the islands. The happy dispositions and smiling faces may come from year-round summer. Regardless, you’ll find the friendliest people around.

And…we have a Fox Hawaii Specialty Team dedicated just for YOU!

Experienced travel advisors well-versed in the Hawaiian Islands can elevate the travel planning process by offering peace of mind to travelers. The vacation planning process can be exciting, but also endless, overwhelming and time consuming.  Fox’s Hawaii Specialty Team will deliver on your Hawaii dreams through their expertise and experience, while also collaborating with travelers to truly understand their wish list.  Ultimately, we want you to travel better and travel well, by personalizing the travel experience, protecting your investment and reducing the stress of vacation planning.  Whether it is a single island experience or one visiting multiple islands – their planning process goes beyond simply bundling air and hotel options. This expert team is passionate about the destination – offering you tailored recommendations for tours, cruises, dining experiences, shopping, and so much more.

Visit our website to learn more about our new Hawaii Specialty Team. Aloha Fox Friends!

Tips for First Time Alaska Travelers

First Time Traveling to Alaska?

Our Alaska experts have you covered. With advice ranging from 2nd to 20th-year veterans, our tour managers and vacation consultants remember what it was like to first visit this awe-inspiring state. Being such a large state, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of one of a kind experiences to enjoy. That is why we’ve built this guide for you, the first time Alaska visitor, so you can enjoy all Alaska while limiting the stress of the unknown that comes with visiting a new destination.

Don’t Plan Too Much

On your first trip to Alaska, you may find yourself trying to experience it all at once, signing up for every excursion along the way.  Work with a travel agent to carefully choose your experiences, so that you can truly spend your time taking in the sights and sounds of Alaska without stress. “There is so much beauty to enjoy if you just stop and take it in,” said Fox Tour Manager Clarissa Demmon.

Enjoy the Food

When it comes to meals, enjoy as much locally caught seafood as possible. The difference in taste between that fresh-caught fish or crab vs store-bought will be apparent if you are a seafood lover. Read our blog on local Alaska eats for more suggestions on restaurants.


Marvel at Glaciers

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients about cruising to Alaska is what side of the cruise ship is best for sightseeing? Don’t worry, greats views are available on both sides of the ship. But the best place to be when cruising the Inside Passage will be out on the deck. Your cruise director will let you know when you can enjoy these sights.

Grab a Souvenir

Looking to bring back a souvenir? Ketchikan is the souvenir shopping stop! After leaving your ship, take a walk over to Creek Street (about four blocks) for a boutique shopping experience. A good true Alaskan souvenir is an ulu knife which makes for a great birthday, wedding or Christmas gift. Look for the “Made in Alaska” symbol on the box (Mama & baby polar bear) so you know you are getting a good quality ulu. Before you fly home, remember to pack them in your checked bags; they won’t let you carry them on the plane.


Experience Denali

Want to really experience the wilderness? Katie Buss, a Fox expert Alaska vacation travel consultant with both living and travel experience recommends staying right inside Denali National Park.  Her favorite option for clients is the Denali Backcountry Lodge or Kantishna Roadhouse. Wake up to Denali right outside your door – go biking, hiking and fly fishing. This is what Alaska is all about.


Ready to put these tips to use? Check out our list of upcoming Alaska trips HERE or call a vacation travel advisors to plan your next vacation today. You can also join us at our upcoming event in Pewaukee to learn about 2023 Alaska Journeys by land and sea.

Traveling solo with your kids: A single parent’s outlook

Anxiety? Check. Weeks of prep? Check. Numerous conversations with my children about behavior, expectations, manners and please listen the first time? Check, check, CHECK.

Traveling with kids is a challenge (wincing, please don’t pull on the airplane seat of the gentleman in front of you.) However, even through the budgeting, planning and preparing — it is SO worth it.

I get it! I am a single mom with two under the age of 12 so travel is an investment of time, money and sanity. BUT. When you see their faces light up, making memories they will never forget, it’s hard to imagine a better gift. (What did you buy for Christmas that would leave as much of a lasting mark?) If you need some inspiration to get your kids’ passports stamped, check out my top ten favorite experiences, during our 2022 spring break cruise!

10. They Learned Travel Etiquette.

Yes maybe a little anticlimactic, but it’s important. We want to raise considerate, smart humans who can learn to navigate the world. Teach them to read their airline ticket, let them lead you to the gate, teach them how to tip. The world is their oyster once we help open it.

9. They Explored Famous Places.

Whether on your way to, or as a part of your intended trip, don’t miss the gifts in front of you! Here we spend some time downtown New Orleans just before our cruise munching some authentic Café Du Monde beignets, taking in a parade, seeing street artists and of course, getting some beads.

8. They Appreciated The Souvenirs.

Sure it’s fun to shop, but I watched them admire the art, take note of the intricacies, and really immerse themselves in the culture. They learned how long it took a woman to weave a beautiful turtle and the time it took a gentleman to carve a knife. It truly is a lesson of culture arts coupled with a take home memento to keep the memories and stories alive.

7. They Tried New Food!

While the steak house, hibachi and the noodle bar were favorites of ours on the ship, the kids also went outside the box indulging in sushi, nibbling a caper, sampling shrimp, and thinking about oysters (no, those didn’t actually go down.) They learned they liked at least half of what they tried and Caesar salad is now a request in our house. That’s not bad right?

6. They learned to LET GO! Dance! Have Fun! Make new FRIENDS!

5. They Gained a Little “Maturity.”

(in a good way)

My son, who dug his heels in about a button-down shirt, let alone a tie, was often addressed at diner as “Mr. Lincoln.” He turns to me, a pensive look on his face and says, “I like being called Mr. Lincoln.”

4. They Learned to Invest in Relaxation and Selfcare.

Ok, maybe a bad idea on my part starting her early, but I love a good massage as next as the next person. I asked, “Do you want to try it?” and she was all smiles.

3. They Seek Adventure.

These kids did it all this week and it was exhausting! From turvey-swirvey waterslides to exhilarating superman ziplines. An 8 foot “walk the plank” over the edge of the ship 120 feet in the air! Yes, they even conquered their first ocean Discover Scuba Course, full back roll in and all!

2. They Get Humbled By Authentic Service.

For kids to experience the first class service of the ship crew who brightly greet you at every moment day or night with a pleasant smile, the origami dragon hand made just for you, or the towel animals we fall in love with every night…. Seeing and experiencing the gift of their talent, they were deeply in awe and appreciation to say the least. Another great opportunity for kids to learn the art of tipping with appreciation.

1. They Realize they can FLY!

Once they have the confidence to try new things, discover new tastes and passions and make new friends from around the world, the travel bug that bit you, will certainly be passed on. As “Mister” Lincoln jumped off the FIRST and tallest zip line, he soars and literally starts singing, “I believe I can fly!”

The idea of traveling with kids can be daunting! Take it from me, we can parent them at home or we can parent them in destination. Trust me, it is a lot more fun and magical for ALL of us being in destination – learning and growing together.

What’s on your kids’ travel lists? Find out where they want to go next and let us know in the comments below! If you want to book a vacation, reach out to one of our talented travel advisors today!

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

Why use a travel advisor?

Yes, we’ve heard it all and we know it is possible to book your own travel. Consider this – how much time and effort does it take to put together an amazing vacation?!

Many people end up not taking (a much needed and well-deserved) vacation because they simply do not have the extra time to plan one. Especially in this post-pandemic world, planning a trip can be confusing, time-consuming, and quite a hassle.

That is where our travel advisors come in! Our teams arrange transportation, provide early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals. Plus, they guide you through the complexities of travel advisories.

Let our advisors ease any uncertainty you may have with up-to-the-minute information and expert advice.  It is all in a day’s work in the exciting world of travel planning and building relationships!

Here are the top five reasons you should plan your next vacation with a travel advisor!

Save time!

Sure – of course you can book your own travel. Just like you can go to the store to shop. In all honestly – it’s incredibly time consuming. Shopping the best deals, researching resorts, adjusting flights, checking COVID protocols – it takes a lot of time and energy. Make the call so we can take on the confusion and stress of planning. The last thing you want to think about is whether you have a transfer included or arranged or if your lost luggage is covered.  You can sit back and enjoy a memorable experience. Let us sweat the details while you do nothing but relax!

Save money!

When most people think of using a travel advisor their first thought may not be of saving money, but this is often the case. Our vacation professionals have cultivated strong relationships and premium partnerships with countless travel suppliers giving them access to a network of lower pricing and exclusive travel packages. With the latest in computer reservations technology, our travel advisors have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips to get you the best value possible.

Travel Advocate!

Fox recognizes no two travelers are alike. We personalize your vacation by taking the time to understand your unique travel needs, interests and concerns and plan to address all of them. Ensuring you take meaningful vacations that inspire lifelong memories is our top priority. Fox has a long-standing record—more than 60 years—helping customers create that ultimate experience while being by their side before, during and after a vacation in case of the unexpected.  Whether that’s a delayed flight, natural disaster, or pandemic, we go the extra mile to make sure your trip isn’t disrupted!

One Stop Shop!

Fox is proud to offer a one-stop shopping experience for all your travel arrangements. Vacations can take on many different forms, and we can help with the details of booking that cruise, train ride, flight, or car. We take the time to learn what is important to you and create customized itineraries that can bring your bucket-list items to life.


Our travel advisors are knowledgeable and active in the industry. We specialize in all-inclusive vacations, destination weddings and cruises—just to name a few. Many of our advisors are certified experts to destinations like Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe. Want to take a romantic trip through Italy? We have advisors who can key you into the perfect spot to see a Tuscan sunset. Want to plan a memorable family vacation to Disney? We have Disney certified advisors Dream Team who can make your dreams come true. Or do you want to sit back and relax as you cruise crystal blue waters? We have a team of cruise specialists who will find the best unique itinerary that caters to everything you dream about.


Many of our travel advisors have developed long-standing friendships with clients who now trust them to make recommendations without even having to ask! Those relationships have been critical in helping our customers navigate unprecedented travel restrictions due to the pandemic. It is all in a day’s work in the exciting world of travel planning and building relationships! Contact one of our advisors today!

Celebrating National Beer Day with the Best European Beer Cities

National Beer Day is April 7th in the United States. It is time to raise a glass and toast to the oldest and most revered of all beverages. People have been making beer around the world for over 5,000 years. According to BBC, the oldest recipe ever recorded that we know of is for beer!

As we round out featuring European experiences and traveling On Holiday, we just had to share some of the Best Beer Cities in Europe. What’s our criteria for being named the best beer city Europe? Well, it isn’t exactly scientific. We are looking for beer quality, cool history, and just an overall enjoyable beer-drinking vibe.

Here’s our top 5 best beer cities in Europe.


Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany. Waiter with traditional costume holding beers, crowded tent interior background

With a long history of brewing beer and hosting the world’s largest infamous beer festival, Oktoberfest, it is not surprising Munich is a top beer-lover destination.  In Germany, beer is not only a national delicacy, but it’s a huge part of Germany’s culture and traditions. Munich is home to six major breweries – Pauaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Spaten-Franzikaner, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu and Augustiner.  Plus, there are over 200 beer gardens around Munich – a tradition dating back over 200 years. Próst!


Dublin, Ireland

Not surprising at all, Dublin tops our list. Irish pubs are known globally for their great character and drinking beer is simply a way of life. The Irish pubs – warm culture, humble atmosphere, traditional music – it’s so much more than Guinness – it’s the “craic.” The basic translation is simply fun, but the true Irish meaning embraces everything amazing, warm, and enjoyable about a good Irish pub. Famously quoted Irish poet William Butler Yeats perfectly explains, “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” Without a doubt, visiting Ireland is an amazing adventure for beer-lovers.


Brussels, Belgium

Beer bar pub tap in Brussel Belgium.

There are many specialties that lure people to Belgium, and their quality beer crafts are certainly one. With an estimated 400 varieties of beer, there is an immense sense of pride in the history and quality of Belgium beer. When it comes to the craftsmanship to develop a quality brew, you would be hard pressed to find a culture that rivals Belgium anywhere in the world.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

girls drinking cold light beer in a street cafe in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is known for the relaxing, laid-back atmosphere. While neighbor Belgium boasts quality beer brands, Amsterdam equally shares its own distinguished beer. Amstel or Heineken anyone? In fact, the most popular alcoholic drink in the Netherlands is beer. Amsterdam is home to some amazing tours, breweries, and history. Sit back, soak in the vibe and enjoy a few pale lagers along the way.


Prague, Czech Republic

A woman and her friends try freshly brewed authentic Czech beer in a tavern in Prague

Prague has arguably the best beer culture in the world. Why? According to USA Today, Czechs consume more beer per capita than any other country in the world. Equally, Prague is considered the hub of the beer revolution. Even better? Beer in Prague is literally cheaper than bottled water. The lager (pilsner-style light lager) is considered better than just about any other place on Earth. Yes, that’s a hefty statement. Well pilsner was born in the Czech Republic and their brewing can be traced back to the 6th century! Plus, Czechs still practice the tedious brewing process of ‘decoction mashing’ resulting in a richer flavor and creamier foam. It is safe to say – Prague is an impressive beer city.


BONUS! Reykjavik, Iceland

bar in Iceland Reykavik with different kind of viking beer

You may be asking yourself, why is Reykjavik on this list? Well, for more than half of the 20th century, beer was illegal in Iceland. It was finally legalized in 1989, and Icelanders have been celebrating ever since! Of course, being of Viking descent, this should not come as a huge surprise. Icelandic brewers take inspiration from their natural surroundings and use a lot of herbs found in the mountains and even blueberries to give their beers that fresh Icelandic taste.

If these cities have you craving an authentic European brew, we are right there with you! Reach out to one of our expert travel advisors today and start planning you On Holiday vacation. Cheers and happy exploring!

European Travel Your Way

There are so many ways to explore Europe. Whether you are seeking a guided group tour, a river cruise, an ocean cruise or opting for self-guided traveling – we have options to satisfy your wanderlust travels throughout Europe.


If you seek European exploration while only needing to unpack your bag once, then a river cruise may be a wonderful option for you! For explorers hoping to discover hidden gems tucked away in the heart of a continent, there’s truly no other way to see Europe.

There is “all-inclusive” and then there is Uniworld Boutique River Cruises which offer amenities finely tailored to your tastes. Uniworld’s amenities are luxurious and unmatched, providing you with effortless travel. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Europe.

Equally appealing is Avalon Waterways, where the ships are designed from the bottom up for comfort, space, and room to dream. These ships provide panorama suites and open-air balcony options. Whether embarking on a legendary Danube River Cruise from Prague to vibrant Budapest or experiencing Europe’s legendary cruise down the Romantic Rhine River, you’ll see Europe from an unmatched perspective.


Another amazing option is to explore Europe on an ocean cruise liner and enjoy a seamless vacation with your family and friends. Why not experience a European voyage with endless thrills, immersive culinary experiences and, best of all – traveling convenience.

Princess Cruises allow you to experience all the different seasons of Europe and see famous landmarks while offering entertainment and endless thrills for every generation. From kayaking voyages in Flåm in Norway to relaxing beach days in Mykonos, Greece, you will find shore excursions that match every guest’s preference.

Another fantastic option is to cruise with Holland America and have it all! This cruise line sails close to 20 countries on itineraries ranging from seven to 35 days within the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Baltic, and Transatlantic voyages. Plus, you will get additional time to explore with more overnights in the beginning and end of itineraries for extra days in such cities as Barcelona, Rome, and Athens.


If you are looking to travel through Europe in style, Insight Vacations provides unique experiences and authentic dining in a “small group” environment. This option allows you and fellow guests to enjoy unique experiences in exciting destinations all over the world, including Magnificent Switzerland, The Best of Italy and France, Belgium and the Battlefields.

You will get to know the people who bring these places to life, dine on deliciously authentic local cuisine, and stay at stylish hotels in prime locations. And the entire way, you’ll enjoy the kind of smooth, stress-free travel that only comes from such expertly crafted tours.

Another option is to select a Globus European Tour, which allows you to take your traveling into your own hands with “Your Choice Excursions.” This tour allows you to tailor your perfect trip. It is the ‘new way’ to tour because Choice Touring gives you the freedom and the flexibility to design a dream trip with off-the-beaten-path destinations to satisfy your pleasures and passions! Discover Croatia with premium tour experiences. Venture to London and Paris – two of the world’s most exciting cities or discover the Icelandic folklore with an Iceland Adventure.


Why work with Fox to book your next European vacation? Our group tour experts hand-select the BEST group tours, cruises, and overall experiences. Plus, depending upon the tour, Fox will provide an expert Travel Director and a Fox Group Tour Manager to take care of all your needs so you can sit back and relax.

Our expert advisors specialize in global destinations. Whether you are seeking adventure in Iceland, Finland, Greece, Spain – or anywhere in between – Fox has experts that specialize in both destinations and modes of travel.

Never settle again for a European vacation that only checks some of your boxes. Whether you’re an active traveler or culture fanatic, we can help you book an amazing vacation!

When you work with us, your travels are tailored entirely to you. Discover the possibilities of a European vacation! Reach out to one of our expert travel advisors to discuss your options today!

Top 5 Destination Trends for 2022

Planning a vacation can be so exhilarating! In 2022, it is clear travelers are beyond ready to return to their favorite destinations and turn their bucket-list trips into a reality.

While the hospitality industry has struggled the past two years, it has provided an opportunity for many properties to renovate, add amenities and expand outdoor spaces.

Here’s our top five destinations that have travelers excited to kick off the new year with their suitcases packed!


The Riviera Maya is over a 100-mile stretch located along the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The forests, jungle, flora and fauna, archaeological sites and solitary beaches are just a few of the splendors in this Yucatan gem. The turquoise-colored sea and crystal-clear water turns to silver by moonlight. This fantastical, warm tropic destination also offers a diversity of attractions including luxury lodging, marinas, sports facilities, and extraordinary restaurants. Riviera Maya is a mix of your favorite Caribbean destinations – all rolled into one beautiful coastline just a short drive from the Cancun airport.


The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are part of the Dominican Republic’s appeal. Whether looking to party, relax or explore, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. Steer a small boat through endless mangrove forests in search of manatees and spy on humpback whales. Then get back to civilization to celebrate! The locals throw festivals, parties, and multiple carnivals – complete with live music, elaborate floats, and dancing in the streets. Check out the country’s two major merengue festivals, the annual Latin Music Festival and the national surfing and windsurfing championships.


If you haven’t been to Puerto Rico before, it was worth the wait. If you haven’t been there recently, it’s time to go back and discover all NEW Caribbean Luxury! San Juan, Puerto Rico is celebrating its 500th anniversary  through June 2022, bringing with it new events celebrating the oldest city in the United States. The island’s rich history, culture, food, beaches, mountains, rainforest, and warm weather are just a few reasons to visit. Stroll the cobblestone streets of the 500-year-old city,  venture out to the mountains, explore the rainforest in the east, the surfing beaches in the west. With nearly 300 miles of pristine beaches, exotic natural wonders, and the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest Service – enchanting Puerto Rico has it all!


The “World’s Most Magical Celebration” — Walt Disney World’s 18-month 50th anniversary continues through 2022 with enchanting touches and highly anticipated ride and hotel openings. Some new happenings in 2022 include the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind debuts. One of the buildings that housed hotel rooms at the Grand Floridian resort is transforming into 200 Disney Vacation Club resort studios. There is magic and wonder for travelers of all ages, and our Fox Dream Team is there to make your Disney dreams come true!


Alaska is bigger than life and has six distinct climatic regions, the tallest mountains, the biggest glaciers, the most plentiful fishing, and the wildest nature preserves on the North American continent. Alaska is set to see a myriad of new offerings and events. In Juneau, the Sealaska Heritage Institute will open their Arts Campus and will host one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous peoples. In Anchorage, Fur Rendezvous, Alaska’s oldest and largest winter festival will be back (during peak Aurora season.) The event hosts activities like the Running of the Reindeer and the Outhouse Races, before culminating with the 50th running of the iconic Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.


And these are just some of the top destinations of 2022! If any of these vacations are on your list or your looking for more ideas to begin your year of adventure, reach out to one of our experienced travel advisors today to book your next dream trip!

Los Cabos: Top 5 Adventures for the Outdoor Enthusiast


A day trip to Playa Del Amor

The jaw-droppingly beautiful Playa del Amor, once written about by John Steinbeck, is hidden behind Land’s End on the Sea of Cortez. Only accessible by water, the beach is a great day trip for any adventurer. Hire a water taxi or kayak to the hidden cove for a day of relaxing on the beach. If you opt for the water taxi route, be sure to have your captain take you on a tour of the best diving areas around the arch (El Arco) and get a glimpse of the dramatic view where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean before being dropped at Lover’s Beach. It’s best to spend time in the water on the bayside, where the water is calmer and clearer.



Zip lining through Boca De Sierra National Park

Head north of Cabo San Lucas to Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve, just outside the small town of Mira Flores. The UNESCO-protected national park is home to some of the most stunning and drastic natural surroundings. Instead of hiking through the park, take in the views and local flora and fauna from above. Fly across wide canyons via double zip lines before arriving at Cabo’s longest and fastest zip line, known as the superman.



Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop

With more than 40 years of diving experience, the Amigos del Mar dive shop is the perfect outfitter for all diving adventures. The shop facilitates both diving classes and certification as well as a variety of diving excursions for all levels. The Mobula Experience is a unique trip that offers divers the experience of swimming alongside gigantic schools of Mobula Rays. Cabo is the premiere destination for spotting some of the largest schools of Mobula Rays in the world— sometimes exceeding 10,000 rays. The Amigos del Mar dive shop offers three dives a day (early morning, mid-day and sunset) during the Mobula migration seasons. Each dive offers a different look at the Mobula Ray from acrobatic jumping to mating behaviors and tranquil viewings.



Mountain Biking in the Mexican Outback

Head to the desert landscape of Rancho Tierra Sagrada on the Pacific coast of Baja for an invigorating mountain bike ride. Breathe in the salty ocean breeze as you pedal along a sandy trail. The route offers incredible vistas, pristine beaches, and views of the sparkling water. At the trail’s end you’re rewarded with a beautiful beach where you can relax and cool off in the clear blue water.



Big-Game Fishing

Cabo San Lucas is home to large populations of marlin, sailfish and tuna, making it a great place to experience big-game fishing. Even the most amateur of anglers will want to try their hand at catching one of the many large fish in the Los Cabos waters. Pisces Sportfishing is top big-game outfitter with one of the top fishing fleets in the area. With a large variety of boats, the size of trips can vary. With a reputation for respectful catch totals and conservation efforts, it offers anglers of all skill levels an exciting deep-sea fishing adventure. Plus, Pisces will deliver your catch to a local restaurant at the marina, where they will prepare it as you wish.


Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure? Contact us about our Los Cabos vacations and check out our SuperSale on all-inclusive getaways!