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Get ready to be enchanted on Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Wonder of the Seas, where adventure, entertainment, and relaxation will be the core themes of your time aboard the state-of-the-art vessel. Royal Caribbean is proud to treat you to a life-changing experience that will make the moment of disembarkation very bittersweet indeed. But, remember, you’re welcome back anytime.


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Traveling solo with your kids: A single parent’s outlook

Anxiety? Check. Weeks of prep? Check. Numerous conversations with my children about behavior, expectations, manners and please listen the first time? Check, check, CHECK.

Traveling with kids is a challenge (wincing, please don’t pull on the airplane seat of the gentleman in front of you.) However, even through the budgeting, planning and preparing — it is SO worth it.

I get it! I am a single mom with two under the age of 12 so travel is an investment of time, money and sanity. BUT. When you see their faces light up, making memories they will never forget, it’s hard to imagine a better gift. (What did you buy for Christmas that would leave as much of a lasting mark?) If you need some inspiration to get your kids’ passports stamped, check out my top ten favorite experiences, during our 2022 spring break cruise!

10. They Learned Travel Etiquette.

Yes maybe a little anticlimactic, but it’s important. We want to raise considerate, smart humans who can learn to navigate the world. Teach them to read their airline ticket, let them lead you to the gate, teach them how to tip. The world is their oyster once we help open it.

9. They Explored Famous Places.

Whether on your way to, or as a part of your intended trip, don’t miss the gifts in front of you! Here we spend some time downtown New Orleans just before our cruise munching some authentic Café Du Monde beignets, taking in a parade, seeing street artists and of course, getting some beads.

8. They Appreciated The Souvenirs.

Sure it’s fun to shop, but I watched them admire the art, take note of the intricacies, and really immerse themselves in the culture. They learned how long it took a woman to weave a beautiful turtle and the time it took a gentleman to carve a knife. It truly is a lesson of culture arts coupled with a take home memento to keep the memories and stories alive.

7. They Tried New Food!

While the steak house, hibachi and the noodle bar were favorites of ours on the ship, the kids also went outside the box indulging in sushi, nibbling a caper, sampling shrimp, and thinking about oysters (no, those didn’t actually go down.) They learned they liked at least half of what they tried and Caesar salad is now a request in our house. That’s not bad right?

6. They learned to LET GO! Dance! Have Fun! Make new FRIENDS!

5. They Gained a Little “Maturity.”

(in a good way)

My son, who dug his heels in about a button-down shirt, let alone a tie, was often addressed at diner as “Mr. Lincoln.” He turns to me, a pensive look on his face and says, “I like being called Mr. Lincoln.”

4. They Learned to Invest in Relaxation and Selfcare.

Ok, maybe a bad idea on my part starting her early, but I love a good massage as next as the next person. I asked, “Do you want to try it?” and she was all smiles.

3. They Seek Adventure.

These kids did it all this week and it was exhausting! From turvey-swirvey waterslides to exhilarating superman ziplines. An 8 foot “walk the plank” over the edge of the ship 120 feet in the air! Yes, they even conquered their first ocean Discover Scuba Course, full back roll in and all!

2. They Get Humbled By Authentic Service.

For kids to experience the first class service of the ship crew who brightly greet you at every moment day or night with a pleasant smile, the origami dragon hand made just for you, or the towel animals we fall in love with every night…. Seeing and experiencing the gift of their talent, they were deeply in awe and appreciation to say the least. Another great opportunity for kids to learn the art of tipping with appreciation.

1. They Realize they can FLY!

Once they have the confidence to try new things, discover new tastes and passions and make new friends from around the world, the travel bug that bit you, will certainly be passed on. As “Mister” Lincoln jumped off the FIRST and tallest zip line, he soars and literally starts singing, “I believe I can fly!”

The idea of traveling with kids can be daunting! Take it from me, we can parent them at home or we can parent them in destination. Trust me, it is a lot more fun and magical for ALL of us being in destination – learning and growing together.

What’s on your kids’ travel lists? Find out where they want to go next and let us know in the comments below! If you want to book a vacation, reach out to one of our talented travel advisors today!

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

Why use a travel advisor?

Yes, we’ve heard it all and we know it is possible to book your own travel. Consider this – how much time and effort does it take to put together an amazing vacation?!

Many people end up not taking (a much needed and well-deserved) vacation because they simply do not have the extra time to plan one. Especially in this post-pandemic world, planning a trip can be confusing, time-consuming, and quite a hassle.

That is where our travel advisors come in! Our teams arrange transportation, provide early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals. Plus, they guide you through the complexities of travel advisories.

Let our advisors ease any uncertainty you may have with up-to-the-minute information and expert advice.  It is all in a day’s work in the exciting world of travel planning and building relationships!

Here are the top five reasons you should plan your next vacation with a travel advisor!

Save time!

Sure – of course you can book your own travel. Just like you can go to the store to shop. In all honestly – it’s incredibly time consuming. Shopping the best deals, researching resorts, adjusting flights, checking COVID protocols – it takes a lot of time and energy. Make the call so we can take on the confusion and stress of planning. The last thing you want to think about is whether you have a transfer included or arranged or if your lost luggage is covered.  You can sit back and enjoy a memorable experience. Let us sweat the details while you do nothing but relax!

Save money!

When most people think of using a travel advisor their first thought may not be of saving money, but this is often the case. Our vacation professionals have cultivated strong relationships and premium partnerships with countless travel suppliers giving them access to a network of lower pricing and exclusive travel packages. With the latest in computer reservations technology, our travel advisors have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips to get you the best value possible.

Travel Advocate!

Fox recognizes no two travelers are alike. We personalize your vacation by taking the time to understand your unique travel needs, interests and concerns and plan to address all of them. Ensuring you take meaningful vacations that inspire lifelong memories is our top priority. Fox has a long-standing record—more than 60 years—helping customers create that ultimate experience while being by their side before, during and after a vacation in case of the unexpected.  Whether that’s a delayed flight, natural disaster, or pandemic, we go the extra mile to make sure your trip isn’t disrupted!

One Stop Shop!

Fox is proud to offer a one-stop shopping experience for all your travel arrangements. Vacations can take on many different forms, and we can help with the details of booking that cruise, train ride, flight, or car. We take the time to learn what is important to you and create customized itineraries that can bring your bucket-list items to life.


Our travel advisors are knowledgeable and active in the industry. We specialize in all-inclusive vacations, destination weddings and cruises—just to name a few. Many of our advisors are certified experts to destinations like Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe. Want to take a romantic trip through Italy? We have advisors who can key you into the perfect spot to see a Tuscan sunset. Want to plan a memorable family vacation to Disney? We have Disney certified advisors Dream Team who can make your dreams come true. Or do you want to sit back and relax as you cruise crystal blue waters? We have a team of cruise specialists who will find the best unique itinerary that caters to everything you dream about.


Many of our travel advisors have developed long-standing friendships with clients who now trust them to make recommendations without even having to ask! Those relationships have been critical in helping our customers navigate unprecedented travel restrictions due to the pandemic. It is all in a day’s work in the exciting world of travel planning and building relationships! Contact one of our advisors today!

Top TEN cities to visit in Europe

If a European vacation is part of your upcoming travel plans, you are not alone. It’s a popular time to explore On Holiday trip ideas to historic and exciting Europe destinations. With 44 countries and hundreds of cities to discover, it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

Here’s our top 10 cities to visit in Europe.

1. Paris, France

Quite simply, Paris is anything but simple. Paris has it all and is an absolute ‘must-see’ in Europe. For travelers with a love of history, art, culture, beauty, and cuisine, you are sure to find something to fall in love with while visiting the Ville des Lumières (city of lights), as you walk through each arrondissement.


2. Florence, Italy
florence italy skyline

Calling all foodies! While art and history are obvious characteristics for Italy, there’s something special about tasting the decadent cuisine of Italy in Florence. Take cooking classes and tour the countryside with your tastebuds. Don’t forget to take time to explore the treasures of Tuscany too. If you are looking to explore the Best of Italy, join us to experience a touch of ‘la dolce vita’ for the perfect Italian tour.


3. Santorini, Greece

There are picturesque views and then there is Santorini! Visit Oia Castle and experience the most iconic views of its whitewashed architecture against the sapphire waters. The steep cliffs along the Aegean Sea provide the most colorful sunsets in the world. While you are there, walk the black volcanic beaches and stay in some of the most luxurious hotels along the Mediterranean.


4. London, England

Shopping until you drop is never a problem in London because it is packed with amazing local markets, shops, neighborhoods, and cafes. While everyone knows this city is filled with world-class sights and historical landmarks, it’s a great idea to seek out the less-touristy areas of greater London for a truly authentic UK experience.


5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are seeking a pedestrian-friendly city loaded with fun cafes, historical museums, and lush parks, there is no better destination for you than Amsterdam. Tour the canals in a boat, stroll through Vondelpark, or take a bike ride to experience the pleasant ambiance of this unique and vibrant city. Equally, you can experience the wonder of Amsterdam and the Romantic Rhine on our upcoming European River Cruise.


6. Barcelona, Spain

The architecture of Antoni Gaudi! The mouth-watering tapas! The Mediterranean atmosphere! Barcelona is packed with a lively night life, art, and jaw-dropping sightseeing. And it’s a quick jaunt to the beach. Barcelona, Spain is sure to captivate your heart!


7. Rome, Italy

It is well known that Rome is filled with some of Europe’s most iconic attractions. From the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican – it has so much history and beauty to admire. Add the food, cafes and shops – and it’s a vacation destination of a lifetime. Keep in mind, there is so much to see that anything less than 5 days in Rome will leave you feeling rushed. Take your time to explore Rome in all its glory.


8. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is increasingly ranked as one of the world’s best cities for travelers and is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Experience all the adventures of Iceland along with the open-hearted and kind Icelandic culture — consistently ranked as the happiest people in the world. Go whale watching, witness the mesmerizing northern lights, visit art galleries and museums – all with the impressive glaciers and beautiful fjords as your scenic landscape!


9. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city as close to idyllic Europe as you could possibly experience. Plus, it is relatively inexpensive to explore this gothic-centric architectural wonder. The astronomical clock (installed in 1410) is the oldest clock on the planet and serves as an icon for the history reserved only for Prague visitors. Did you know you can experience the Legendary Danube River Cruise with your own personal Fox guide this fall? Oh, and did I mention, its beer drinking capital of the world. Cheers!


10. Edinburgh, Scotland and BONUS Galway, Ireland

Scotland is a spectacular mix of lush landscape, castles, and history. Today, Edinburgh is full of modern Scottish life; however, the history of the land is one of legends and heroes. You’ll likely travel to Edinburgh by means of Dublin which has become a thriving international city. If you are seeking the authenticity of Ireland, check out the city of Galway! The town has a beautiful, Irish vibe. Tour the wild Connemara region – a scenic wonderland of rivers, lakes and silent hills with us on our coming Scotland and Ireland trip!


If these cities have your heart racing for European exploration, we are ready to help you begin planning your trip! Reach out to one of our experienced travel advisors today. We are here to help and happy planning!

“Off the beaten path” beach destinations to book this winter

If the January cold is getting you down, you are certainly not alone. Beach destinations are incredibly popular this time of year and for good reason. Whether you are a regular sunseeker looking for a new beach to explore or simply looking for a vacation off the beaten path, these beautiful beaches are sure to satisfy your quest for sunshine, relaxation and fun!

Camp Bay Beach – Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is an island in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. This beach escape attracts divers with the world’s second largest coral reef, perfect for snorkeling. Located on the east end of the island is the less traveled, Camp Bay Beach. Because this beach is far from some of the major tourist locations on the island, it makes for the perfect day trip for rest and relaxation under the sun…aside from Mondays when expat locals throw weekly beach celebrations.

Anapai Bay – New Zealand

This beach we love for those who have a little bit of adventure in their heart. Located along the northern coast of Abel Tasman National Park is Anapai Bay. Made up of two beaches, Anapai Bay is lush with golden sand and clear, beautiful blue waters, and the beach is split by fascinating rock formations. Known as one of the best beaches in the park, people are also welcome to explore the nearby Mutton Cove after a day of soaking up some sun.


Pirate Beach – Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Located in the Exuma Cays, Staniel Cay is a small island village about 120km south of Nassau. One of the most popular destinations on Staniel Cay is the Staniel Cay Yacht Club that is family friendly and full activities. While the yacht club is considered to be a ‘hidden gem,’ if you’re looking for something that’s even more off the beaten path, head north in search of Pirate Beach. The best way to traverse the island is by golf cart but be prepared for a little walking to access the beach, since it is only accessible by foot. Don’t be surprised if you have the beach all to yourself!

Of course, there are SO MANY breathtaking beaches on this planet just waiting to be discovered. Contact one of our travel advisors today to book your next beach vacation! Do you have a favorite beach destination? Drop us a note below and let us know!

Top 5 Destination Trends for 2022

Planning a vacation can be so exhilarating! In 2022, it is clear travelers are beyond ready to return to their favorite destinations and turn their bucket-list trips into a reality.

While the hospitality industry has struggled the past two years, it has provided an opportunity for many properties to renovate, add amenities and expand outdoor spaces.

Here’s our top five destinations that have travelers excited to kick off the new year with their suitcases packed!


The Riviera Maya is over a 100-mile stretch located along the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The forests, jungle, flora and fauna, archaeological sites and solitary beaches are just a few of the splendors in this Yucatan gem. The turquoise-colored sea and crystal-clear water turns to silver by moonlight. This fantastical, warm tropic destination also offers a diversity of attractions including luxury lodging, marinas, sports facilities, and extraordinary restaurants. Riviera Maya is a mix of your favorite Caribbean destinations – all rolled into one beautiful coastline just a short drive from the Cancun airport.


The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are part of the Dominican Republic’s appeal. Whether looking to party, relax or explore, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. Steer a small boat through endless mangrove forests in search of manatees and spy on humpback whales. Then get back to civilization to celebrate! The locals throw festivals, parties, and multiple carnivals – complete with live music, elaborate floats, and dancing in the streets. Check out the country’s two major merengue festivals, the annual Latin Music Festival and the national surfing and windsurfing championships.


If you haven’t been to Puerto Rico before, it was worth the wait. If you haven’t been there recently, it’s time to go back and discover all NEW Caribbean Luxury! San Juan, Puerto Rico is celebrating its 500th anniversary  through June 2022, bringing with it new events celebrating the oldest city in the United States. The island’s rich history, culture, food, beaches, mountains, rainforest, and warm weather are just a few reasons to visit. Stroll the cobblestone streets of the 500-year-old city,  venture out to the mountains, explore the rainforest in the east, the surfing beaches in the west. With nearly 300 miles of pristine beaches, exotic natural wonders, and the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest Service – enchanting Puerto Rico has it all!


The “World’s Most Magical Celebration” — Walt Disney World’s 18-month 50th anniversary continues through 2022 with enchanting touches and highly anticipated ride and hotel openings. Some new happenings in 2022 include the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind debuts. One of the buildings that housed hotel rooms at the Grand Floridian resort is transforming into 200 Disney Vacation Club resort studios. There is magic and wonder for travelers of all ages, and our Fox Dream Team is there to make your Disney dreams come true!


Alaska is bigger than life and has six distinct climatic regions, the tallest mountains, the biggest glaciers, the most plentiful fishing, and the wildest nature preserves on the North American continent. Alaska is set to see a myriad of new offerings and events. In Juneau, the Sealaska Heritage Institute will open their Arts Campus and will host one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous peoples. In Anchorage, Fur Rendezvous, Alaska’s oldest and largest winter festival will be back (during peak Aurora season.) The event hosts activities like the Running of the Reindeer and the Outhouse Races, before culminating with the 50th running of the iconic Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.


And these are just some of the top destinations of 2022! If any of these vacations are on your list or your looking for more ideas to begin your year of adventure, reach out to one of our experienced travel advisors today to book your next dream trip!

Vacation Destinations in Holiday Movies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with that comes the traditional screening of all of the best holiday movies. We all have a favorite holiday movie and the best movies are the ones that draw us in and make us feel like part of their world. Well guess what, you can make these movies part of your world by planning your next vacation.

Paris: Home Alone


The McCallister family plans to escape from the Chicago suburbs to Paris, France for their annual family vacation. While the rest of the family was in a rush to make it to the airport on time due to missing their alarm, they completely forgot about one of the kids, Kevin, who now has been left home alone.

Why Paris makes the perfect family vacation:

While we don’t recommend you forget little Kevin at home, we do highly recommend a trip to beautiful Paris. We can help craft a family-friendly itinerary with something for everyone. There is so much history and culture to be experienced in “La Ville Lumière” (the city of lights) from the hill of Montmartre that is home to the Sacré-Cœur basilica to The Louvre Museum. And of course a trip to Paris is never complete without a shopping day down the Champs-Élysées anchored by the Arc de Triomphe.


Surrey, England: The Holiday


Two women troubled with guy-problems decide to swap homes in each other’s countries over the holiday season. Amanda Woods, played by Cameron Diaz, heads to Surrey, England where she falls in love with her cottage respite and perhaps the man of her dreams.

Why Surrey, England makes the perfect holiday vacation:

Less than 30 minutes from London, the county of Surrey makes for the perfect place to visit with its charming towns and villages. If you’re looking to fulfill the fantasy that the movie gives, you can’t go wrong with traveling around the holidays. There are Christmas markets, botanical gardens illuminated with Christmas lights and unique little pubs and restaurants to enjoy a holiday meal. Because of its proximity to the city, London makes for the perfect day trip during your visit.


Caribbean Cruise: Christmas With the Kranks

Photo via Royal Caribbean


The Kranks know how to do Christmas, but with their daughter joining the Peace Corps, Luther Krank persuades his wife to take a Caribbean cruise to escape the snow and cold instead of spending thousands on their holiday at home.

Why a Caribbean Cruise makes the perfect gift:

A cruise with Royal Caribbean will be filled to the brim with unforgettable moments. And now that cruising is back, you can finally look forward to the cruise you’ve been waiting for! With sailings to more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas, Royal Caribbean has the perfect itinerary just waiting for you. The private island of Perfect Day at  CocoCay® is a must see. You are free to indulge in first-of-their-kind thrills or one-of-a-kind ways to chill. Grab a drink at the swim-up bar and soak up the scene in the largest freshwater pool or your own floating cabana. Giving the gift of island time has never sounded better.


Fiji: Four Christmases


Brad and Kate have been living their best life together for 3 years. Instead of dealing with visiting their split families over the holidays, their plan is to head to Fiji to relax together.

Why Fiji makes the most romantic escape:

A romantic vacation in Fiji is the definition of paradise. Profess your love on sandy sun-kissed beaches and steal kisses from your sweetheart under the shaded canopy of lush Fijian flora. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, wedding or honeymoon, or simply dreaming of a couple’s getaway, we’ll handle all the special details to ensure your stay in Fiji is filled with unforgettable moments, bringing you and your significant other closer together.


The North Pole: Elf


Sneaking into Santa’s sack of toys as a baby, Buddy has grown up in the North Pole with his adoptive father, Papa Elf. Coming to the realization that he is, in fact, different from the other elves, Buddy decides he must leave the North Pole to find his birth father.

How to visit the North Pole:

While we may not be able to visit the real Santa Claus at the real North Pole, there is a North Pole destination you can visit – North Pole, Alaska! North Pole is a charming Christmas town just outside of Fairbanks boasting year-round holiday decorations including candy-cane striped street lights. Even the street names fit into the theme with Kris Kringle Drive and Mistletoe Lane. This is the perfect destination for the outdoor adventurer because of the nearby Chena Lake Recreation Area.

Interested in visiting Alaska? Take a look at our Fox Group Vacations Alaska itineraries here.

Give the ‘Gift of Travel’ and Experience History & Heritage

If you have a person in your life with a passion for history, family origin and heritage, we have some awesome recommendations to give the gift of memories with an unforgettable trip. How do you select the perfect itinerary with so many destination options? You’re in luck! Here are some of our favorite travel destinations for the historian and family heritage enthusiast.


If you have a history buff in your life, their quest for ancient ruins and world-famous landmarks are top of the list. Here are our top three destinations packed with historical highlights.


A worldwide symbol of liberation, the remains of the Berlin Wall is held close in the hearts of the German population. But did you know there is also lots to tour in Berlin? There is a huge complex with remains of the original wall, buildings dating back to World War I and II, and statues paying homage to people living in East and West Germany. History is eventually about the triumph of good over evil, and the fall of the Berlin Wall is one such event worth revisiting. The museum upstairs offers an extensive timeline through interactive and visual exhibits.


The picturesque city of Budapest still holds many of the forgotten Roman and Medieval sites. While many of the sites are now found in ruins, you can still take a step back through history! Stand at the geographical heart of mainland Europe and take in the rich history and culture that are majestically intertwined by the powerful Habsburg dynasty. You will dine in local elegance along the way and see sights like never before! And if you are looking to travel with a group, we have the Splendors of Budapest, Vienna and Prague trip scheduled in 2022. It’s sure to be a wonderful journey.


Mont-Saint-Michel was a once-bustling pilgrimage site. Today, tourists can make their way on foot to the island (low tide permitting!) and explore the cobbled pathways while stopping off at the array of hotels and restaurants while taking in the far-reaching, coastal sights of Normandy. There is also a Historical Museum with over 1,000 years of history on display. We are offering a tour with Rose Gray in 2022 packed with incredible sights, battlefields and museums called France, Belgium and the Battlefields. It is truly a trip of a lifetime!


Heritage tourism or traveling to the land of your ancestry to connect with your family roots is becoming more prevalent in travel. And these trips are not just for adults. You can plan a genealogy-inspired trip the whole family will love. Coming together to experience and share in your family history is one of the most important parts of this travel journey.


The country’s historical significance, mixed with its captivating natural beauty and unique cultural fabric, make Poland one of Eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets. Explore medieval castles, bustling city squares and unmatched historical significance. Poland’s bright and bustling cities of Warsaw, Krakow and Poznań enchant and amaze visitors. We are offering an exclusive tour with Colleen Alsberg in 2022 entitled Fascinating Poland which is an all-encompassing tour into Poland’s unique and profound history.


Travel to beautiful Ireland and explore its charming cities and breathtaking landscapes! Dublin is the heart of Irish culture and charm. Visit Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Jameson Distillery, where you will learn about and sample the “water of life.” Experience the breathtaking landscapes and discover the beauty of the Dingle Peninsula. Onward to Cong and stay over one night at the incredible Ashford Castle. Enjoy the immense grounds and a plethora of optional activities. Tradition, culture and charm await you, and you can join us on our next Ireland Adventure with Rose Gray. This itinerary gives “family vacation” a whole new meaning. Immerse yourself in Irish history on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


See the unique trulli houses of Alberobello and the Sassi di Matera and witness the rich heritage of Sicily and enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality, as you journey from picture-perfect fishing villages to ancient Greek temples. Sicily is home to some of the world’s best-preserved examples of Greek and Roman temples, structures, and art. Witness the rich legacies of the ancient Greeks, Carthaginians, and Romans. You won’t want to miss the many culinary pleasures sure to be had on our Beautiful Southern Italy and Sicily  tour. You’ll taste Sicilian wine, feast on delicious seasonal cuisine and meet passionate locals along the way on this unforgettable journey!

Continue to follow our blog for more destination ideas for your special traveler! If group vacations sound like your perfect gift of travel, you can learn more on our Fox Group Vacations page. If you have additional questions about vacation travel, contact one of our vacation travel advisors today!

Do you have a favorite historical or heritage vacation travel destination? Drop us a note below and let us know.

The World’s Most Magical Celebration


The World’s Most Magical Celebration for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is now underway! You may be wondering, what does the 50th anniversary have planned for Walt Disney World® guests? Well, this is a 18-month celebration featuring new decorations, entertainment, food, merchandise and loads of magical fun at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Disney resort hotels. The official date of the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary is October 1st, 2021 and is running for 18-months to allow everyone a chance to experience the EAR-idescent Excitement.



It all started back in 1955 when a brand-new theme park was built in Anaheim, California. Disneyland’s goal was to create a place where kids and adults alike can go and have fun. From the time of opening, Disneyland was a success.

Therefore, in the mid-1960’s, Walt Disney wanted to build another park in Florida, based on Disneyland. On October 1, 1971, the concept became a reality when Walt Disney World opened in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Today, the Resort sprawls across 42 square miles, employs more than 70,000 people and attracts roughly 50 million visitors annually.





One of the first sounds you’ll hear upon arrival is a brand-new song that is incorporated into elements of the celebration, The Magic is Calling. Platinum-selling songwriter and music producer Alana Da Fonseca has created an original anthem in collaboration with award-winning composer Emily Bear and singing sensation Journi – created specifically for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.




Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice Cinderella’s Castle has received a temporary makeover for its 50th birthday featuring the EAR-indecent colors in shades of royal blue, light pink, and gold which were inspired by Disney Imagineer Mary Blair’s vision and concept art for the classic Disney film, “Cinderella.”



The all-new Fab 50 Character Collection is featured throughout the four theme parks. The collection includes gold character statues of classic popular characters, like Mickey and Minnie, as well newer ones, like Dante from “Coco.”




The World’s Most Magical Celebration has a brilliant new centerpiece. Experience the new stunning nighttime firework extravaganza, Disney Enchantment. For the first time, guests experience a magical journey in a new immersive experience filled with enhanced lighting, music and projection effects that extend down Main Street in Magic Kingdom.




Watch in wonder as the magnificence of Disney animation blends with the delightful performance of Cirque du Soleil! Drawn to Life presented by Cirque du Soleil® & Disney opens November 18, 2021! The collaboration between Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering is outstanding showcasing a celebration of life – a ‘love letter’ to the art of Disney animation.




Walt Disney World® is taking the magic to new heights with Animal Kingdom’s High-Flying Kites. These incredible windcatchers dance through the air to the beat of beloved Disney songs during the performance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park with shows inspired by “The Lion King” and “The Jungle Book.”




For the foodie, the 50th Anniversary Celebration has a delicious new Sips and Bites Guide to savor all the delicious new tastes across all the theme parks and resorts. There are more than 150 new food and beverage items added to various Disney menus to help you celebrate. Many of these new items pay tribute to history of Walt Disney World®.




Equally exciting, Disney World has released a ton of new merchandise in celebration of 50 years! You can find everything from shirts, pins, tumblers, and hats to several vintage collections. Be on the lookout for the retro-inspired Vault Collection merchandise which features nods to former attractions – like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” and so much more!


And finally, everything we just listed above are simply the highlights! There is SO MUCH to offer in celebration of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary of The Most Magical Place on Earth. We could not possibly list every amazing addition to Walt Disney World® so reach out to our Fox Dream Team to learn more and book your next magical experience!