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We recently sat down with our valued client, Tammy Gillis, CEO of Gillis Sales Consulting, to explore the planning process for their impactful event last December at Breathless Riviera Cancun.

The Situation

Tammy Gillis, an inspiring and dynamic leader, Founder, and CEO of Gillis Sales Consulting and Training Company learned and honed her passion for consultative sales early in her career. She understands well the key attributes to train on this specialized skill set, especially how to gain buy-in and properly incentivize sales associates despite and benefit of highly competitive environments. She knows and deeply values the impact team travel can have on associate engagement and retention and applied the idea to her own associates; building on the same philosophy with her entire team for not only the purpose of growth but to elevate performance, create synergies and overall to learn and reinvest in the business together as a team.

The first year Gillis hosted a company-wide program was in 2018, destined for Ontario, Canada. The second year, they had a full-time team member on staff to aid in the event planning for Destination Vegas. This associate was responsible for booking flights, booking hotels, and coordinating a few ticketed events.  On a small scale, this proved to be an undertaking for the team, and they recognized it was time to significantly ramp up their program.  Gillis hired Fox World Travel and presented them with the challenge.

Our Solution

The relationship between Gillis and Fox already had a solid foundation to start. Tammy had provided training to Fox earlier that year where cultural alignment and trust grew quickly. When the time came for Tammy and her team at Gillis to select their best partner for their destination, a full team meeting, there was not even a question.

Gillis worked with program managers weekly through progress report meetings and platform updates.

“The process was amazing,” said Nikki Sharpley, Manager of Administration.  “Having a work-back schedule and having Fox as the expert to lead timelines, tasks, the centralized planning tool in real-time, registration, budget…it really helped. I could rely on Fox every step of the process because it was so well outlined and detailed.”

This event was going to be the first time the team saw each other in person since COVID and the build-up of anticipation from the team was intense. Detailed planning was not the only focus but creating an intensely curated program that inspired, engaged, and translated into loyalty was at the core of the organization’s goal.

“The team offered us a full suite of ideas and options,” said Alexandra Bernal, Bookkeeper for Gillis.

“There was such a high level of collaboration. Our program manager had been at that resort just a few weeks before and knew exactly who, what, when, where, and how to create the most meaningful event experiences… from the authentic cuisine to the fire dancers and final beach closing ceremony… it was like they just knew us; they knew our expectations and they really knew our culture.”


The entire process was meticulously detailed. “We couldn’t have been more impressed with Fox until we received an unexpected email,” said Bernal. “We knew we would be receiving a rebate check from the resort, however, what we received was a considerable rebate from the hotel, substantially higher than expected and due fully to the credit of the Fox team, who had negotiated on our behalf.  They negotiated every rate and option possible! We had never experienced such an integrated partner so quickly. They were ‘Team Gillis’ from the start.”

Impactful Discoveries

The results of this event were impeccable.

  • Communication was a priority in earning the trust of the travelers; each person was white glove serviced.
  • The quality of the accommodations Fox recommended was second-to-none.
  • Best of all, grateful, comments such as, “How are we going to beat this next year” were abundant. “The bar was set so high.”


“The ROI of the time dedicated to us and our group being there… it just couldn’t have been accomplished without Fox,” said Sharpley. “We put our events in the hands of trusted professionals. We know we are too naive to know all the details. When we have people from our owner to clients on-site, there is no room to mess up. I would never do this without Fox.”


Whether you are planning an in-person experience, large multimedia virtual connections, immersive hybrid meetings, or an incentive trip that inspires, engages, and elevates, Fox’s Meetings and Incentives experts have every tool to make your results exceptional. Connect with one of our team members to learn more about elevating your next special corporate event, meeting, or travel experience.

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