The Power of Data in the Hands of Travel Managers 

Before Connie Pronschinske, Ashley Furniture’s Travel Manager, implemented Fox’s Cognition she learned about her travel program’s performance by viewing static reports that she manually manipulated.

Cognition, Fox’s business intelligence platform for travel programs, gave the long-time travel manager instant access to easy-to-understand visualizations. “It’s such a useful tool to have the information right at my fingertips,” says Pronschinske.  

Pronschinske estimates she’s saving more than a day of work every month now that she has access to valuable insights like bookings per passenger name record, agent segment totals and 14-day advance purchase reports.

“I felt like I was wasting a ton of time trying to finagle the reports to fit our organization’s needs,” says Pronschinske. “Now I have all the information I need right in front of me.” 

And Pronschinske can easily manipulate the data to provide Finance and other departments answers to their questions. “I’m able to filter through the data and run with it at any time,” she says. “I can answer budget questions, investigate staffing levels and analyze travel patterns all from Cognition.” 

But what Pronschinske appreciates most about the Fox data visualization tool is that it’s customized for her needs. Cognition can pull in organizational data like expenses, transactions, itineraries, operational details or anything she needs to analyze short or long-term. With that ability, Ashley has created a variety of custom cards specific to their travel program needs.

“The reports we’ve created have helped us with everything from impacting traveler behavior to answering budgeting questions for Finance,” says Pronschinske. “It’s so easy to use and gives us powerful information at our fingertips.”

Fox Supports Strong Customer Experience at Provisur

Insight from Marie Hodges: Travel & Expense Manager for Provisur Technologies

When it comes to traveler experience, Provisur Technologies Travel & Expense Manager, Marie Hodges has high expectations of Travel Management Companies (TMCs). That’s because she spent the first 10 years of her career in operations at some well-known TMCs before transitioning to corporate travel program management. In 2020, she began leading the travel program at Provisur, an industrial food processing equipment manufacturer, just as Fox World Travel was being implemented.

“I really do have high expectations because I know how it’s supposed to work,” says Hodges. “From my experience with all parts of the organization, I can tell that Fox is customer and traveler service driven.”

She sees that through all aspects of the relationship, whether it’s a VIP traveler experience with Fox’s VIP360, a reservation with a Fox agent, or service from Fox’s Client Solutions Manager assigned to Provisur. Fortunately, it’s been rare that Provisur’s C-Suite travelers have experienced in-depth issues triggering VIP services, but Hodges says it’s reassuring just knowing Fox agents are monitoring every piece of the reservation.

“I love that the agents are so hands-on and fast in responding when needed,” she says. “One of our VIPs travels out of a Utah location that often has weather. The agents keep him in the loop and deal with him directly to rearrange when issues do arise.”

Outside of VIP services, Provisur travelers make use of all the booking methods available to them—online booking, calling an agent, or starting a chat.

“It’s great that our travelers have so many options available to them,” says Hodges. “I’m always surprised how many people actually call an agent, but it’s great they can get personal attention from an experienced agent who knows our program.”

Hodges pays attention to traveler feedback to fully understand the traveler experience.

“I know my travelers appreciate Fox World Travel,” she says. “They can book any way that’s comfortable to them and get it taken care of quickly.”

She feels the same about her experience as a travel manager with Fox.

“I really like that Fox has the one-stop-shop for me as a travel manager,” Hodges says. “I know I can go to my Client Solutions Manager and she will get any issue handled with the other experts at Fox.”



Introducing your Fox Group Vacations Tour Managers

Are you looking to maximize your travel adventures with immersive experiences?

There are endless destinations waiting to be explored. Let us be honest – not all tour groups and guided travel experiences are created equal.

That is where our Fox Group Vacations experts come in! Our team works with platinum partners and preferred vendors to create exclusive and immersive traveler experiences. Leave the negotiating and planning to us!

Often times, we send our very own Fox Tour Manager because it provides our travelers a great sense of reassurance and security throughout the travel experience. While your tour manager is busy confirming transportation, meals, attractions – you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery!

Let’s meet our Fox Group Tour Managers joining you on some amazing journeys this year.

Charity Brown

Charity joined the Fox Group Vacations team in 2021. Her career has been filled with unique opportunities in the business world. However, Charity found herself wanting more excitement and enjoyment in her career.

The love of the story is what drew Charity to a career in travel. Whether traveling on a cross country road trip or exploring cities and villages around the world, Charity’s passion for travel is evoking the stories of adventures and new experiences.

There are few things more rewarding than being a part of life-changing travel experiences and bringing those opportunities to our group travel friends. Whether those stores are about exploring Grand Hawaii, climbing to the top of the Sydney Bridge in Australia, sailing along the Phuket coastline, exploring the storybook beauty of stunning Scandinavia, listening to the beautiful Fado music in Portugal or exploring the French Riviera, Charity is excited to make memories with you!

Her desire to explore the world is steadfast and she is excited to share immersive cultural experiences with others. Charity is very passionate about curating unique opportunities for travelers to explore the world. This passion has brought Charity to join our team at Fox World Travel.

When Charity is not traveling or planning travel, she loves spending her time with her children, grandchildren, and friends.


Colleen Alsberg

Colleen began her career with Fox World Travel in 1995. After escorting her first tour, she fell in love with this career. Colleen has been all over the world in the last 25 years – meeting wonderful people and sharing unique experiences throughout Europe, the British Isles, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Egypt, Israel, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawai’i, and so many more! She’s ventured to Alaska and the Yukon over 30 times. Alaska holds a very special place in her heart.

Her personal travels include Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Cuba, Russia and the Baltics, South America, the South Pacific, India, Egypt, Israel, and the Middle East. She feels truly blessed with each experience and has a deep passion to continue exploring new destinations for many years to come!

Colleen enjoys inspiring and educating travel enthusiasts by guest hosting on the WTMJ Fox World Travel Show as well as attending industry and ‘Fox hosted’ travel events. Whether she’s guiding travelers through an exotic South African safari, navigating through the Icelandic Fjords, relaxing on one of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands or on the road throughout Alaska and the Yukon, she enjoys creating memories with travelers around the world.

I’m extremely passionate about traveling to places I’ve never been to before, encouraging others to join me, making it fun and comfortable for them.

When Colleen is not traveling, she spends time making memories with her family and friends. She is also a regular volunteer at EAA’s Air Venture in Oshkosh as well as other local events.  Undoubtedly, she’s never too far from an airplane!


Deb Schnieder

Deb was born and raised in England and has always had a passion for exploration. Growing up in England allowed her to spend summers venturing to the ‘sea side’ along with the Isle of Wight and France.

After graduating, she set off for Australia for a backpacking adventure! While exploring the outback, her family relocated to Minnesota. (No they were not trying to ditch her.)

She joined her family in the U.S. and started her higher education studies in Media and Music Production where she met her travelling soulmate and husband. Together they explored Tasmania, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and Western Europe.

Deb’s travel career began as a Premium Services Agent with United Airlines which enabled her to explore the world with her growing family! Her airline experience allowed her family the opportunity to explore many places.

Deb joined Fox World Travel in the Group Vacations department in 2022 – a place she now calls ‘home’ – and is so excited to share her passion for global exploration with other travelers. Whether she’s climbing the Giant’s Causeway steps in Northern Ireland, exploring Alaska and Denali with Rose or tasting an authentic Nasi lemak dish in Eastern Asia, Deb relishes in the chance to show other people some of the many amazing wonders of travel – experiencing the places, culture, sights, tastes and sounds you can only find if you open a map!

When Deb is not traveling, you can find her spending time with her husband and 3 amazing children. Deb is a professional skydiver (though these days she prefers to land in the plane), a certified scuba diver and an equestrian eventer. While she hasn’t competed in a couple years, she still takes every opportunity to join her friends in any activity where she can ride!


Debbie King

Travel has been Debbie’s passion since college when she ventured to Spain for the first time. It was life changing! Her travel profession has taken many roads, from a vacation travel advisor, a pivot to corporate travel managing meetings and incentive programs, and now her current passion as a group travel tour manager.

Debbie’s passion is interacting with the Fox tour guests. Nothing is more rewarding than introducing her groups to a new, life-changing travel experience. “Travel opens the mind and enriches my spirit.” She believes the immersive experience is just as important as the destination.

Debbie’s most recent group travel experience includes exploring the beauty of Switzerland as well as the best of the Hawaiian Islands – the ultimate tropical vacation. She has a number of amazing adventures coming up including the legendary Danube River cruise with Prague.

Some of her most cherished experiences include tasting shrimp bisque at a Princess Hotel in Bermuda, taking a train through the Swiss Alps in winter to Gstaad, seeing the Eiffel Tower glittering at night for the first time, walking through the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and having the privilege of dining in a home in Sarajevo and listening to the stories of a family who lived there through four years of the Bosnian war.


Erin Stair

Erin’s passion for travel started in her teens while taking yearly cruises with her family. She realized her love for all of it, from planning and packing to the hustle – bustle of the airports and exploring new destinations and cultures.

She became a Flight Attendant for Milwaukee’s home-based airline, Midwest Express, shortly after graduating high school. After 13 years of flying, during which she relocated to live and commute from the sunny beaches of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, she stayed and began working in the resorts. She held positions as Concierge, Spa Representative, and Tour & Transportation Sales Manager.

Building a partnership in her own destination wedding planning business in Mexico led to more expertise, and a continuing passion for budgeting, creating, organizing, executing events, and most importantly, building relationships with her clients and their wedding guests to help make dreams became reality!

Erin returned to the USA, joined the Fox World Travel Family in September 2022, and is looking forward to exploring unfamiliar places, getting to know new faces, and continuing to be a part of making amazing travel memories.


Kate Robinson

Kate was born and raised in Oshkosh and moved to Boston in early adulthood where she began her travel career for a tour company. She had the opportunity to test a new safari trip in Kenya. This experience ignited her passion for travelling!

Kate returned to Oshkosh to work for Fox World Travel in 1987. She began tour managing our fun & sun groups and Alaskan trips. Her favorite trip was the Great Capitals of the Adriatic & Croatia which she describes as an experience of a lifetime!

Her travel knowledge stems from visiting over 17 states in the U.S. in addition to Mexico, Jamaica, Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica multiple times. Her European and exotic adventures include traveling to England, Germany, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Africa.

Recently, she managed our Fox Group, Spectacular Greece & the Islands which she describes as an experience of a lifetime, right next to the Great Capitals of the Adriatic & Croatia. Kate has some incredible experiences planned for travelers in 2023 including a soul-stirring journey of Europe’s imperial cities, an impressive Elegance of Italy trip and an Ireland Adventure!

When she is not traveling, she enjoys making memories and sharing travel experiences with her two children, Robert and Caitlyn.


Rose Gray

Rose Gray is the Business Relationship Director for Vacation Sales at Fox World Travel.  Many of you may also recognize her as the expert travel voice as the host of the Fox World Travel Show heard on WTMJ on Saturday mornings discussing the latest in global travel news and discussing the best-in-travel topics.

Rose has a bachelor’s degree from Lakeland College and has completed the CTC program, a two-year management course offered by the Institute of Certified Travel Consultants.

During her 35 years in the travel industry, Rose has consulted and educated thousands of people on the wonders and enrichment travel offers. Her adventures have taken her as far north as Reykjavik, Iceland, as far south as Porto Montt, Chile, as far west as Vanuatu, and as far east as Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Rose’s epic exploration on the Voyage to Antarctica in 2023 will complete her life goal of exploring all seven continents in the world. And although she loves traveling the globe, her favorite vacation is Arizona in March for Brewers’ Spring Training. Rose is also hosting not one, but two fall tours in Italy’s Tuscany region!  After the first sold out, we quickly added another!


Are you ready to take the next step to plan a Fox Group Vacation? Connect with one of our travel advisors today, and we will guide you through the process.


Fox World Travel promotes Jeff Saydah to director, global client solutions

OSHKOSH, Wis. (Dec. 8, 2022) – Fox World Travel is pleased to announce the promotion of Jeff Saydah to director of global client solutions. In this role, Saydah will be responsible for leading the client solutions team by delivering exceptional service without boundaries using our innovative technology services, customer support and leading industry expertise for Fox customers.

Jeff has 20 years of travel industry experience and joined the Fox family in 2017 as an integral member of the client solutions team. In 2019, Jeff was promoted to Global Client Solutions Manager recognizing his depth of multinational experience and success.

He has expertly managed and grown many of Fox’s most significant and complex global customers. Jeff’s analytical skills have supported many cover the years and helped elevate the team’s approach with quarterly business reviews, business consultation and data analysis.

Since joining Fox, Jeff has maintained an incredible 100% account retention rate.

“I believe that the client solutions team at Fox is the strongest in the travel industry.  I am honored to lead this team, with a goal to help each team member continue to develop in our key role of providing our customers the information and consulting advice needed to successfully manage and strengthen their travel programs.” said Saydah.

“Jeff’s dedication and drive to continuously deliver creative solutions and innovate with our customers has strengthened our client solutions team. I am excited to collaborate with Jeff as he leads the continued elevation and growth of our team,” shared George Kalka, vp of business travel at Fox World Travel.


About Fox World Travel

Fox World Travel’s commitment to both business and personal travel has made them one of the top travel companies in the country. Recognized on the Travel Weekly Power List, Fox World Travel provides customers personalized travel service that stems from a team of experts. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Fox World Travel employs more than 200 associates averaging more than seven years of service.


Media Contact:

Raquel Lamal

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Fox World Travel promotes Tina Husemoller to Vice President, meetings and incentives

Tina Husemoller, vp of meetings and incentives at Fox World Travel

OSHKOSH, Wis. (Dec. 5, 2022) – Fox World Travel is pleased to announce the promotion of Tina Husemoller as vice president of meetings and incentives. In her role, Husemoller will be responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Fox meetings and incentives department. Her initial focus will be continuing a strong recovery and strategically enhancing workflows as well as providing strategic direction to improve client expansion and provide associate leadership.

Tina has been in the travel industry for three decades with experience as a business travel agent, client solutions manager, director of sales, and director of client solutions.  Tina graduated with a BS in business administration in 2006 and earned a master’s degree in business administration in 2014.  Tina joined our Fox Family in 2018 and quickly progressed from client solutions manager to director of client solutions.  During her time at Fox, Tina has played an integral role in navigating our customers and client solutions team through the launch of automated reviews, customer implementations, client renewals, pricing adjustments, and the challenges of the pandemic.

“I am ecstatic to support Fox World Travel’s ongoing growth and development in meetings and incentives. I look forward to working with the team to elevate the meeting planner and the traveler experience through subject matter expertise, innovation, solutions, and a flawless execution. This is an exciting time in the industry as meetings and incentives are returning at a swift pace. The Fox team is committed to delivering results to our customers. I’m thrilled to be a part of the overall growth of the organization and deliver best-in-class meeting services,” said Husemoller.

“Tina has been an incredible asset to Fox. Her dedication and drive to continuously move Fox forward as the Director of Client Solutions has yielded excellent client retention. I’m excited to partner with her strategically as our vice president and continue to elevate Fox’s meetings and incentives team,” shared Beth Marino, cxo at Fox World Travel.

For more information on careers at Fox World Travel, visit


About Fox World Travel

Fox World Travel’s commitment to both business and personal travel has made them one of the top travel companies in the country. Recognized on the Travel Weekly Power ListFox World Travel provides customers the latest in technology combined with 24/7 customer service, resulting in a worry-free travel experience. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Fox World Travel employs more than 200 associates averaging more than seven years of service.

Media Contact:

Raquel Lamal

Red Shoes Inc.

(920) 574-3253