Volunteer While You Vacation

Can I volunteer on vacation without having any experience?

We can connect you with meaningful activities no matter what your skill level is. Volunteer vacations are successful in every aspect when we work with ongoing programs that have deep roots and local support within communities.

Volunteer on Vacation

ME to WE Immersive Volunteer Trips are available when we arrange your vacation with Uniworld, Luxury Gold and African Travel, Inc. among others. We’ll curate an experience where you can help make a difference while indulging your sense of adventure — and you’ll feel comfortable every step of the way. Jet off to a remote area of Rajasthan, India, where your days may alternate between helping to build a new classroom, learning local customs and exploring this storied region. Program leaders will teach you everything you need to know to construct these classrooms.

Volunteer on Vacation

Or you can get a glimpse into life in Kenya’s Maasai Mara as you live and work within a tented camp community. Important programs include school-building projects and supporting a local duka (Swahili for “shop”). On your own time, you’ll participate in Maasai traditions such as beading jewelry and gathering water from the river, and you’ll also have the chance to experience wildlife conservation programs based in Nairobi.

Volunteer on Vacation

These types of ongoing projects are based on a sustainable model, honed over 20-plus years of on-the-ground development work.

Contact Fox World Travel whether you’re traveling on your own, as a couple or bringing the entire family along to engage in what will truly become a life-changing learning experience.