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Jamaica travel tips

We recently asked our travel agents and staff who have traveled to Jamaica for their  personal ” Jamaica travel tips” for those vacationing in Jamaica for the first time or even a repeat visit.  In particular, to the Jamaica vacation hot spots of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.  Here is what they had to say:

  • I recommend taking advantage of convenient NON-STOP charter flights to Jamaica paired with an All-Inclusive package. These are seasonal based on departure city and vary by day of the week and length of your stay.  The are especially convenient for group vacations.
  • When approached by the street vendor I always tell them I bought one last time I was here. Then they tend to leave you alone.
  • Don’t buy beer or liquor at the airport, 4 Beers = $26.00! If you are traveling to Ocho Rios or Negril; the bus will stop along the way for refreshments!
  • Don’t assume just because you are buying it in Jamaica that it is actually made in Jamaica. Check for labels or you could end up buying an “authentic” Jamaican drum that was actually made in Indonesia!
  • Bring an extra change of clothes for most days, between the salty ocean breeze and the humidity everything feels a little damp after you wear it once.
  • You will be approached by people selling wares. If you’re not interested in purchasing anything, then say so firmly and politely. Do not mistake persistence with harassment. Just be firm and you will be left alone.
  • Bring bug spray! There are sandflies on the beaches, which are at their most ferocious in the late afternoon and you often can’t see them.
  • If staying in Negril you must take a trip to Ricks Cafe – timing is everything – plan to go early, have some cocktails and dinner… they normally have a great band playing and you’ll get the most beautiful sunset ever!
  • Make sure to visit Rick’s Café in Negril.  The sunset there will take your breath away.  You can watch the cliff divers as they leap from 50 foot cliffs.  If you are the adventurous type, you will have the opportunity to dive yourself
  • When you’re off shopping, don’t get intimidated and stand your ground if you’re not sure on purchasing something…. Otherwise you’ll find you get back on the bus and realize you just spent $100 on souvenirs you didn’t need!
  • Bring a light jacket and pants/long skirt, as evenings may get cool, especially in the months from December to February.
  • Take a walk on the beach at sunset and look for sandcrabs. It’s fun to watch these little guys throw sand out of the holes they dig in the sand.
  • Do not stop for drinks at the airport bars upon arrival – you could delay your entire transfer van/bus.
  • Definitely try “jerk”. Whether it’s chicken or pork, it’s fabulous. Many of the resorts offer this Jamaica dish, but if you have the opportunity, go to one of the many “jerk huts” and buy it from the locals. (And make sure that you have a “ting” (a grapefruit soda) or a Red Stripe (Jamaica’s beer) ready to wash it down.
  • If you are going to Negril, it’s nice to know that Rick’s Café will pick you up if you are staying in Negril…you just pay to get back!
  • Take along an insulated plastic mug to keep your beverages cool.
  • Take along lots of small denomination bills for bargaining for souvenirs with the locals and for random gratuities given.
  • Take quite a few $1 bills for tipping.

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