A Look at Captivating Cuba

Havana, CubaTravel to Cuba for Americans is allowed under the ‘people to people’ trip category. This means that this is first and foremost an educational and cultural experience that includes meaningful interaction between the traveler and residents of Cuba. It is structured yet informal. With many destinations, the traveler may sample the local culture and spend time with people as a tourist. With this trip, the traveler is immersed in the culture and the true day-to-day lives of those around them.

For those who have been waiting to go to Cuba, many want to go as part of a tour. First of all, logistics are all taken care of. Cuba has been open for tourism by non-Americans for years, however the infrastructure to provide what most Americans expect when traveling is still forming. Captivating Cuba includes all accommodations, air-conditioned motor coach, documents and most meals and gratuities. Fox World Travel’s Colleen Alsberg will be managing the tour and joined by both a Cuban Tour Director and Globus Tour Director.

The trip will visit major cities as well as museums, music performances, artisan workshops, a ranch as well as a cigar factory. Travelers will interact with Cuban cowboys, families, performers, athletes and other Cuban residents.

Colleen shares, “I’ve been fascinated by the thought of travel to Cuba for many years, maybe because it was taboo, but mostly because it would be like stepping back into time. How wondrous it would be to feel even a little bit of the 1950’s era my parents grew up in. I’m excited to be a part of a new generation of Americans to experience the classic cars, the incredible Spanish colonial architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the beautiful Cuban people my Canadian friends have been telling me about for years!”

Malecon at Sunset. Havana (Cuba)As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is also home to over 11 million residents. It is a diverse nation with a rich history. Originally inhabited by three tribes, it was one of the islands visited by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Spanish conquistadors followed, and the island was later a possession of France and Britain before again being part of Spain’s empire. After numerous attempts at independence from Spain, and being the central point of the Spanish-American War, Cuba gained formal independence in 1902. The island nation saw numerous conflicts while becoming a communist country in 1959. It’s history with the United States since has been strained, with the U.S. only recently easing sanctions with Cuba. President Obama visited Cuba earlier this year. It is a destination many Americans have dreamed of visiting.

To learn more about opportunities to visit and explore Cuba, please call 888-369-8785 to speak with a Travel Consultant!

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