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Crystal Zawilinski, Meetings and Incentives Sales Director

While 2021 has brought many challenges to the meeting and incentive industry, it has also provided us the opportunity to make improvements to our overall industry through emphasis on attendee experience, analysis of program offerings and the added focus on health and safety.


More so than ever, attendees have a voice to meeting organizers to provide those opportunities and experiences which participants find engaging and fulfilling. Attendees, whether due to health concerns, budget changes within their organizations or changing priorities, are more selective on the events they attend. Attendee surveys throughout the year have shown the strong desire for individuals to be together – to network, share and celebrate with their counterparts. In the case of incentives, attendees also desire the ability to spend time with their guests as a reward for their hard work. Event organizers who pay attention to this feedback will continue to produce successful events.


With meetings being more carefully scrutinized due to Covid restrictions and protocols, meeting owners have taken the time this year to evaluate the program offerings and truly analyze those which bring the most value to their organization and attendees. While these offerings are different for each organization, we have seen a focus on delivering strong content, providing productive networking events, and offering opportunities to give back to the local community.


While Covid protocols have dominated the headlines this year, event organizers have also used this opportunity to evaluate their overall health and safety plans, introducing measures to make the experience of coming together safer for both the individual attendee and reducing risk for the host organization. From on-site doctors to venue emergency plans and duty of care policies, meeting organizers are more prepared than ever for the “what if” scenarios.


We look forward to a prosperous 2022 for the meeting and event industry.


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