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meetings-and-incentivesMobile apps are among the top ten meeting trends in 2016. No matter the size of your conference, meeting or event there is a value in using an innovative mobile app to enhance your attendee’s experience. Mobile apps provide attendees to find everything in one place and go paperless. You can invigorate attendees by allowing them to engage with one another and receive live communication notifications. As the attendee’s experience is enhanced, it will allow you to receive a more successful outcome.

Mobile apps boost communication to your attendees while providing them the support needed to be informed. They give you the opportunity to turn passive attendees into lively contributors. Using mobile apps to collect data from attendees has marginal value by itself but using the data to gain perception of what attendees are experiencing is how companies can use the data to make future events even more effective.

Let’s take a look on how mobile apps can allow you to deliver a more connective and engaging attendee experience:

  • Provide updated scheduling information to ensure attendees are well informed
  • Send real time notifications of changes and agenda details


  • Facilitate networking based on interests by showing attendee lists and profiles
  • Encourage interactivity with sharing status updates, likes and comments through activity feeds
  • Boost participation with the ability to allow attendees to ask questions in the moment with live polling and Q & A discussion boards


  • All information located in one place allows attendees to retrieve maps, event documents and speaker profiles at a touch of a button
  • Go paperless, save printing costs


    • Use live polling and Q & A results to retrieve real-time data of how your participants are thinking and feeling
    • Increase response results by allowing attendees to complete surveys before they leave the event

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