Must-try Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia

Exotic fruits exist all over the world but are even more abundant in southeast Asia. You’ll find exotic fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia at local markets and floating markets in all major cities. On a recent Fox Group Vacation to Vietnam, Rose Gray had the opportunity to try a handful of these fruits with a group of curious travelers. Here are some of their favorites and ones that you need to try if happen to come across them. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite fruit!


While it may look like something from the sea, the hairy rambutan is a very common fruit in southeast Asia. After peeling away it’s skin, you’re left with a grape-like flesh. As far as taste goes, it has a similar taste to a grape which allows for easy eating its own as well as other sweet dishes.

Great in: mixed drinks, desserts.

Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia - rambutan

Star Fruit

Shaped like a star due to the distinctive ridges running down its sides. Star fruit trees are abundant throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. This crunchy and juicy fruit is packed full of antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin C.

When cut, it is easy to see where this fruit’s naming origins come from. Every part of this fruit from flesh to the skin is edible, making this a popular fruit to eat and cook with. Star fruit is also packed full of antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin C.

Great in: juices, preserves.

Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia - star fruit

Dragon Fruit

Resembling the shape of dragon scales or dragon flames, the dragon fruit is an iconic, vibrant fruit that many people have seen. This mild tasting fruit actually comes from the Americas, explaining why it is more common than other fruits on this list. Where the dragon fruit lacks in flavor, it makes up in health benefits by aiding in digestion.

Great in: Shakes, fruit salads.

Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia - dragonfruit


A member of the soapberry family, lychee fruits are very sweet and delicious bite-sized fruits. Native to China, lychee fruits are extremely popular all over southeast Asia. Inside, they have a similar look to a rambutan but offer a different taste and health benefits. Just one provides a huge boost in Vitamin C, B6 and dietary fiber!

Great in: Desserts, smoothie bowls

Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia - lychee


Used in many different dishes all over southeast Asia, jackfruits are a very common fruit that can weigh up to 80 pounds! On the inside, jackfruit flesh is yellowish-orange and tastes like a combination of apples, mangoes and bananas. In Vietnam, you can find fried – similar to banana fritters!

Great in: Vegan dishes (as a meat substitute), candy.

Exotic Fruits in Vietnam & Cambodia - jackfruit

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