New Study Shows Major Savings When Working with Travel Agents

How much can you save with a travel agent? Let us tell you!

We’ve always known that working with a travel agent is beneficial for consumers, but now there is quantifiable proof! New research from The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) proves that using a travel agent saves considerable time and money for consumers. On average, travel agents help to save $452 per trip and four hours in travel planning, according to the consumer reports.*

“At this point, consumers have tried it all. They’ve booked online, they’ve gone direct, and they’ve used a travel agent. This study dispels the myth that booking direct with suppliers or spending hours online yourself gets you a better deal, or gives you a happier travel experience,” says ASTA President and CEO Zane Kerby.Jody selling

With extra time and money, this means you can have an even more enjoyable trip! Not only that, our travel consultants are experts when it comes to product knowledge. They can also provide professional advice about safety and security while traveling and they work out all of the details for you so that you can have a worry-free traveling experience.

Contact one of our very best travel consultants today, so you can start saving money and time on your next trip.


*Carnival Corporation funded the independent study, titled “Best of Both Worlds:  Quantifying How Travel Agents Save Consumers Time and Money,” which was conducted by market research firm TNS Global.

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  • I’ve been using Fox World Travel for serveral years and have been very happy with my trips!

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