Say “Yes!” to Your Dream Vacation in 2016!

This year, commit to finally taking the vacation that you’ve always dreamed of! If this year goes by as fast as 2015 did, it’s going to be gone before your next flight leaves! Here are 3 steps to making your new year’s resolution work for you, while still keeping up with your travel goals.

Commit to a time

There is no better time than now! With your whole calendar in front of you for the next 12 months, consider potential travel dates. Pay close attention to the time of year when you are busiest and focus on the times when you’re feeling ready for a break. Now, circle those open dates with a pen. You’re already one step closer to seeing this fantasy become reality. With the whole year ahead of you, it’s easier to make a commitment and now you have something to look forward to.

Choose the location

You may know exactly where you want to go, or you might need some help narrowing in on the exact spot. That’s okay. For the most part, we all have that one place that we’ve been fantasizing about for years. Determining which resort you want to stay at or which cruise ship you want to stay in is just as important as the country and city that you’ll be visiting. Use our destination guide to get you started on nailing down the exact location.

Reach out to a travel specialist

Drop by one of the many Fox World Travel agency locations to talk to a travel agent, or reach out to a travel agent online. Our travel specialists will use their many years of expertise to customize the perfect vacation for you, whether that means you will stay at an all-inclusive resort, or you are doing some foreign independent travel (FIT). If you would like to speak with a travel agent that specializes in a certain location or interest, that’s easy! Check out their profiles to learn which travel agent you can connect with.


That’s it! Here are three easy steps to get you started. Remember, this is the year to stop dreaming and starting doing! We’ll find a way to make your travel dreams come true.


  • We are planning a getaway me and my boyfriend so looking for someplace in Feb last week any ideas for a week we want all inclusive prefer Apple.

    • Hi Joan,

      We have a number of destinations that would be great. Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Jamaica and Puerto Vallarta are our most popular. The destination and resort really depends on your individual preferences and past travel destinations. You can contact one of our travel consultants by submitting an online request here and they can offer more personalize ideas!

      Thank you for contacting Fox World Travel!

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