Passenger on a plane technology introduced

Fox World Travel recently introduced enhanced passenger on a plane technology.  This new functionality provides real-time notifications and controls so organizations can proactively manage the number of passengers on one flight. 

Why would an organization want a line of sight to the number of passengers on a plane?  Safety is a primary goal, among others.  Corporate travel policies will often set limits on the number of associates that may travel together to secure the longevity of their company.  For example, if a catastrophic event were to happen, it would be devastating to an organization for their leadership team or a significant portion of the salesforce who happen to be traveling together.

It is important organizations consider the impact of employees traveling together and manage established limits. To discuss how to incorporate such a policy into your corporate travel program, give us a call at 920.236.8000 or 888.369.8785 or contact us online.

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