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Traveling independently is a great way to see and experience the world. It can also be a lot of work to plan the perfect getaway. Monograms all-in-one vacation packages are a cut above going on your own. Each vacation package comes with hand-selected hotels, Monograms Local Host® service, exclusive VIP sightseeing, and transportation, which includes first-class trains. With Monograms, you travel in style independently without going it alone. Every month brings new deals so check back often.

This month’s destinations are…..LONDON & PARIS

See London & Paris your way during the month of June. See these two iconic cities on separate tours or on a package tour that takes you to both.

London Vacation

London, a historic city full of pageantry and tradition, has something for everyone. From the guards at Buckingham Palace, to the abundance of museums, parks and monuments, London has a bounty of sights and experiences.

Paris Vacation

Or go to Paris, the world capital of art and culture. Known for its world class food and top of the line art museums and monuments, Paris has a way of getting people to fall in love with it. This month, trips to these cities range from two nights to 12 nights, all customization to those things you have to see.

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