Reactive, Proactive or Adaptive: Transforming Duty of Care

Duty Of Care: An organization’s legal obligation to do everything reasonably practical to protect the health and safety of employees.


Duty of Care has always been top of mind for Fox and for our customers. Given today’s travel environment, it’s not surprising many of our customers are focusing on enhancing their Duty of Care program. We are all moving down the path of learning how to adapt our lives both personally and professionally, and one thing we have experienced close to home as travel professionals is the need to transform, elevate and communicate Duty of Care within our organizations.


At Fox, we believe even the best plans have room to evolve. As we consult with customers, we work within four main check points: Create the plan, Build Out the Plan, Optimize for Leakage, and Optimize for Compliance.


If you are evaluating your program, what is your first step to transform?

Duty of care


1. My Plan Doesn’t Exist.

If this is where your program is starting, we will help you identify the right people to have around you, from the executive sponsor to the cross departmental teams you’ll rely on for collaboration. From there, Fox has tools and resources to assess your current level of risk and will recommend policies and procedures to consider.


2. My Plan is Bare Bones.

If your plan is established but has room to develop, Fox’s team of experts can help you review your current policies and procedures, create booking triggers to set actions into place for compliance as well as build bonus features into your program such as destination information and security tips. Most importantly, we can conduct live environment drills to test your Duty of Care reaction plan to help train, assess and coach to aid in real life situations.


“Implementing a Duty of Care drill with Fox was a success. We are especially pleased with the high response rate, the overall results and our confidence in using and understanding our Duty of Care tools.” Julie Van Oss, Travel Manager.


3. My Plan has Substantial Leakage.

For some, having the best laid plan isn’t quite enough. If your plan has gone into “set it and forget it” mode, but now is experiencing booking leakage, Fox can help find the data you are missing by leveraging Cognition, our proprietary data analytics platform. Through a few simple connections, Fox is easily able to help you see where your leakage is taking place and with whom. We can even help pull third-party data to identify travel booked outside of your managed program to help report, audit and analyze proper program administration.


4. My Plan is Lacking Compliance.

To ensure total plan and risk management effectiveness, compliance is key. The primary path for this is founded in education and communication to help build buy in and understanding. Fox can help you create a risk management team, surrounding you with the key players in safety, security, legal and HR. You are sure to have a stronger voice with the leadership backing you need.


Learn how one client leaned on their Duty of Care preparedness when a natural disaster hit home.


A thoroughly planned and executed Duty of Care program has deep implications on your organization’s ability to respond, recover and continue operations in the event of a disaster, including the ability to preserve revenue and pursue opportunities in the future for business continuity. Whether your response is related to a natural disaster, terrorism, illness, or personal injury, knowing your plan is well organized, communicated and applied is more than good business, it’s your obligation.


As Duty of Care continues to be at the forefront of your organization’s travel policy, you can rely on Fox World Travel to be your advocate and consultant to ensure you have what you need to keep your travelers well taken care of.  Contact us to learn more.


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