The Keys to (Traveler) Happiness

Know Your Travelers

Research shows that supporting business travelers’ needs and wants can be key to building your travel program as well as bolstering recruitment and retention of key traveler positions. Get to know your travelers so you can build a travel program that supports traveler productivity, company profitability and organizational growth.

The Facts

According to research by the Global Business Travel Association, business travel satisfaction has a strong correlation to employee job satisfaction and policy compliance:

  • 79 percent of business travelers report that the experience they have during business travel affects their job satisfaction. Among millennials, that number jumps to 88 percent.
  • Potential employees look for a travel policy when considering a new employer, with 59 percent of respondents reporting that a company’s travel policy influences employment decisions.
  • Among companies reporting a 90 percent compliance rate with air travel, 93 percent of travelers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their travel programs.

This all adds up to something we already knew…travel programs matter. Knowing what your travelers want is key to recruitment, retention and productivity.

What do business travelers want?

In order to better understand traveler need, Fox World Travel invested in Net Promoter Score® surveying of all travelers. “By asking every traveler about their experience, we’ve learned what’s most important to them and use that knowledge to ultimately improve the traveler experience,” says Mia Beltran, Brand Manager at Fox World Travel. Over time, and feedback from nearly 50,000 travelers, Fox has seen the difference an effective travel policy can make. Each travel program is unique, but Fox’s observations include:

  • Safety support is essential: Travelers want peace of mind that their company cares about their safety and wellbeing whether it’s a weather-related issue, twisted ankle or regional incident.
  • Access to reliable internet is key: Travelers want to be productive on the road, so survey after survey has showing access to reliable internet as one of the most important trip factors.
  • Importance of convenient flight times and hotel locations: Travelers want an efficient itinerary, so they can make the most of their time on the road and get back home for personal obligations.

Next Steps

If your Travel Management Company isn’t providing you with traveler feedback, secondary research from respected organizations like Global Business Travel Association and Business Travel News can help travel managers get a feel for traveler need. Most helpful will be to find out for yourself what’s important to your travelers. That doesn’t necessarily mean a massive survey — you can learn a lot by going out and talking to your travelers. “Simply asking traveler opinion on the best and worst aspects of travel can be very insightful in building a travel program that supports travelers and your organizational goals,” shares Beltran. “If we get better in tune with what our travelers want—really understanding the traveler and their needs—it can contribute to a travel policy that helps travelers be more productive and keep them on the job longer.”