Best Seasons of Ireland

Is Ireland one of those bucket list destinations for you? Do you dream of venturing the Irish countryside experiencing sight after sight? Well, then you may be wondering what time of year is best to visit Ireland. We’ve got you covered as we examine the best times of year to visit the emerald isle.


seasons of Ireland - fall castles

One of those iconic Ireland to-dos, castles in Ireland are scattered throughout the country. Visiting and staying in a castle during this colorful season means you are there to experience the changing first hand. While the temperatures may be brisk, you’ll soon forget about that after you see how beautiful the countryside can be.

seasons of Ireland - fall pubs

With the temperatures dropping but still comfortable, crowds start to flock to their local pubs. Full of live music and crisp ales, Ireland pubs are a lively scene worth experiencing. Don’t be surprised if you get roped into singing a song or two.

seasons of Ireland - fall oysters

Fall is a great time to visit Ireland if you are all about food. Oysters are pulled from the water and served as fresh as they come. If seafood doesn’t suit you, make sure to try some local dishes at pubs and restaurants. Great food is served year round.


seasons of Ireland - spring local parks

When you think of Ireland, what color comes to mind? While we may not be telepathic, we’re going to go ahead and guess you’re thinking green. Spring is the time to see green as far as the eye can see as winter breaks and nature come back to life. We recommend looking up a local park when looking for something to do as they are abundant and beautiful.

seasons of Ireland - spring cliffs of moher

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but you need to see the Cliffs of Moher, along with the many other stunning land formations Ireland has to offer. Steep cliffs and green pastures offer some of the best sights there are to see. These cliffs get pretty windy so be sure to bring a strap with your camera when capturing these remarkable sights.

seasons of Ireland - spring sheep farms

If you’re visiting the Irish countryside, chances are you aren’t far away from an Irish sheep farm. Not only do these farms offer picturesque hills, but many of them also offer sheep dog demonstrations, giving you an insight into the talents of the can’t miss canines.

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