Self-Care: The Top Five Apps to Use While Traveling

If the last two years have shown us anything, it is that checking in with yourself and those you love is important. Stress and anxiety can happen anywhere, and it is essential to make time to ensure you are able to manage your stress levels. Whether self-care looks like meditation, fitness, or grabbing a delicious meal in a new city, there is an app to help you practice your version of self-care. We have gathered a few of our Fox favorite apps that are sure to make a huge IMPACT as you hit the road on your next business adventure. 


Run Go

If your form of stress relief involves throwing on your favorite pair of running shoes and hitting the trails, then this app is for you! Run Go gives you access to create, find, and follow run routes in the city you are in. Run Go has partnered with the largest hotels in the hospitality industry, providing routes right from your hotel lobby.






Lounge Buddy

Are you filled with envy when you see someone enter an exclusive airline lounge? With the Lounge Buddy app, you can book one-time lounge passes to access all the special perks provided in the airport lounges. Treat yourself!




The pandemic has left us feeling less connected to people. Jetzy is the perfect app to keep you connected by way of networking with like-minded travelers. In the app, you can contact other users for local recommendations or even plan meet-ups. You’ll never be lost and alone in a new city again!





Calm or Headspace

There are multiple mental health apps that have been extremely popular since the pandemic. It is important to take care of yourself and your mental health. Our Fox favorites, Calm and Headspace have customizable solutions to help improve your mental health. Find your zen while boarding a plane or waiting at your gate. Take care of yourself while taking care of business!



MyFoxWorld 3i

Fox’s custom mobile app, MyFoxWorld 3i, makes information accessible with the touch of a finger while traveling. MyFoxWorld 3i houses travel information, restaurants to explore, entertainment, weather updates, and directions available by foot, subway, or by car. The app can also send push notification alerts about airline delays and cancellations and 24-hour check-in reminders.






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