Set Your Sights on Scandinavia

Savor the sweet fresh air of Denmark, Norway and Sweden on a journey filled with natural wonders in Scandinavia.

The magnificent trio of Denmark, Norway and Sweden teem with scenic vistas defined by chiseled mountain ranges and stunning fjords. Take in this scenery as you enjoy the region’s many outdoor adventures, from horseback riding and cycling to hiking and kayaking. It’s your turn to discover Scandinavia’s unspoiled wonders; let us be your guide.




Stockholm excels as an outdoor destination at anytime of the year. Spend the summer months kayaking to some of the 30,000 islands that make up the Stockholm Archipelago and swimming in crystal-clear waterways. In the wintertime, enjoy ice-skating at centrally located rinks then venture into Stockholm’s outskirts for ice-yachting fun.




Copenhagen’s cyclist-friendly infrastructure aptly earns it the nickname the City of Bikes. Peddle across the harbor along the elevated cycle Snake, or wind under the sturdy masts of the new Circle Bridge. No trip here is complete without a visit to Freetown Christiana, a car-free neighborhood established in 1971 by a group of hippies. Rent a bike for  24 hours from Christiania Cykler’s shop and easily explore the art galleries, music venues, organic eateries and, of course, beautiful scenery.




One of the 18 amazing National Tourist Routes, Sognefjellet, spans 67 miles across Norway’s highest mountain pass and features inspiring views of the country’s longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord. End your drive a Lorn Stave Church, a stunning medieval treasure. If you prefer scenic travel by train. The Flam Railway is the perfect choice, having been named one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.

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  • Would it be possible to combine a trip to Norway, Sweden & Denmark with Iceland either at the beginning or end of the Scandinavian countries. In Fall 2023.

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