Stay Healthy on Vacation with These Wellness Tips

Travel can be many things from a relaxing getaway with sunshine and a sandy beach to a convention full of knowledge on your passions for work. Whatever your reason for travel is, retaining the healthy habits you are accustomed to can be a challenge on the road. Our Fox Stars know this which is why they’ve offered their must-know tips for travelers of all varieties based on their years of collective experience. Here are eight tips to stay well while away:

1. Keep an Open Schedule

Leave your rigid schedule for work. Pick one or two must-do activities while on vacation to avoid over-planning your day.

2. Carry Snacks

Go to the local grocery for on the go healthy and cheap snacks. If in a new location, you will often find new and delicious foods!

3. Pack Comfy Shoes

Don’t sacrifice comfort for looks. Make sure you have good shoes, even if you just plan on walking the city streets.

4. Retain Healthy Sleeping Habits

Retain healthy sleep habits on vacation by mimicking your normal sleep pattern. No matter your time zone, make an attempt to go to bed and wake up at your usual time.

5. Don’t Stress Perfect Eating Habits

Instead of trying to maintain a perfect dietary and fitness regimen, try to find a good balance by staying active and enjoying some local food in addition to nutritional food.

6. Create Playlists

Pre-design playlists to match your desired mood such as calming music for your outbound and inbound flights. Especially if flying makes you nervous.

7. Stay Hydrated

Bring an empty water bottle with you on all flights! Once you complete your security checkpoint, fill it up to stay hydrated.

8. Yoga on the Go

Traveling by car? Bring a yoga mat with you! Find a class or practice on your own time in your hotel room or find a serene spot outdoors.

There you have it, eight tips for a healthy lifestyle while out and about. What are your favorite wellness tips to use while traveling? Let us know below!


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