Technology and Data Innovation Case Study

As vaccinations ramp up across the globe, business travel continues to rebound. It is clear travel will look and feel different in terms of not only the traveler experience but also in the value organizations expect their travel program to deliver. Travel managers will be even more critical in shaping how their travelers and key stakeholders are impacted by any changes. When you evaluate what information is most important to your decision-making, consider how your partners can help you dig deeper into your data to optimize your travel program.

Fox is excited to share with you a use case on how one of our clients leveraged that personalization by way of new, innovative technology. Check out this story on how they transformed their data to be more visible and accessible to drive better informed decisions that affect when and how they book travel.

The challenge

A client came to Fox seeking a streamlined solution for booking transportation to their training centers across the U.S. to meet their high recruitment and new hire training requirements. The company relies heavily on Greyhound bus transportation for recruit travel but because Greyhound content is not available via traditional reservation systems, their recruit travel process was quite manual and lengthy.

Customizing a solution

To help our client close this gap, Fox developed a custom recruit traveler database and online booking tool to pull air, rental car, and Greyhound bus itineraries into a single platform where recruiters can compare trip times and cost. The solution incorporates custom features to help recruiters make informed decisions when selecting itineraries:

  • Results categorized by air, rental car, and bus, and display lowest price first.
  • Preferred vendor labels to offer easy identification.
  • Arrival warning labels indicate time conflict with recruit’s class start time.
  • Trip time and transfer/layover details to help indicate travel experience.

Saving time and money

This new technology has created efficiency for the client’s recruiters and automated what once was a manual process. Additionally, recruiters now have options for air, rental car, and bus in one platform so they can easily design the best itinerary for each traveler.

Travel managers who create the kinds of policies, processes, and systems that ensure corporate travel is traveler-centric, help free employees to focus on what matters most: driving business performance and growth.


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