Ten Days. Six Airlines. Four Countries. Two Rails. One UNBELIEVABLE Experience!

“Everyone has this perception that European Travel Today is different and clunky… and it just was not that at all for me. My experience abroad was warming, welcoming and more than I could have ever asked for.”


By Tina Husemoller, Client Solutions Director

Tina Husemoller, Director of Client Solutions at Fox World Travel, came home glowing from her recent multi-country European vacation tour experience abroad! Busting at the seams to share all of the amazing experiences she had, Tina not only inspires our inner travel bug, but just as importantly, calms our nerves.

Travel delivers an intensely emotional, exhilarating and liberating experience like nothing else. If you’ve been wondering how traveling abroad and European travel feels today, hear from Tina on some of her favorite and sentimental memories of her recent multi-country European vacation.

As a travel connoisseur and nervous mother of a young adult daughter relocating to Germany, my planning for a September flight across the pond came with a mix of emotions. From elation to nervousness, excitement, and cautious planning—all of these emotions would be warranted by any traveler. Now home and daydreaming of my recent trip, I can say my experience in Europe brings about more excitement and passion for more travel ahead, especially as both business and leisure travel rebound for all.

My trip was rooted in helping my young adult daughter transition for a temporary relocation to Germany.  Therefore, we decided to plan a multi-country European tour — planning a ten-day trip which brought us through Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech), Vienna (Austria), Split and Zagreb (Austria).

Munich, Germany

On our first leg, we flew into Munich and spent one night on our way to Prague. When we arrived, everyone, we encountered welcomed us with open arms! They instantly knew we were from the U.S. and were so eager to tell us how happy they were to have us. Aromatic memories of authentic German goulash and Doppelbock beer still dance in my head!  While we were only there one night, my deep appreciation for the rich, welcoming German culture. We ate, enjoyed beers, and talked all night with locals as we planned the next nine days in our multi-country European vacation. Germany, we can’t WAIT to come back and spend more time with you!

“Not to spoil alert too early, but Prague was absolutely my FAVORITE city we visited! I would go back and spend a WEEK there! The people were so friendly and accommodating.”

Prague, Czech

In the morning, we took a short four-hour (and only $30!) train ride from Munich to Prague—and it was so easy! Tip to the train traveler – pack light! The not-so-easy part was lugging around two suitcases, but I needed extra room for my purchases.

When we arrived, the weather was cool and a little rainy, so we bundled up to learn about our new city. We started with a city tour of Old Town Square, New Town, and Lesser Quarter to get our bearings. Until that tour, we didn’t even know there was a whole different part of the town called “New Town” so the very next day, we just started walking—and KEPT walking—over 13 miles in one day! When we reached the “younger and vibrant” part of the city, we shopped and wined and dined for hours until we decided to take the easy connection with an Uber to return us to our side of town. The whole experience felt so safe.

Walking was a huge part of our four days in Prague. While staying at the Prague Marriott, we were located right in the middle of the action and could walk right out into the market of shops, delis and cafes just waiting to welcome us!

The next day while talking with some locals, a gentleman told us how excited they are to start seeing Americans again. Even travelers from Dubai, the U.K.  were arriving, and the local shops and eateries couldn’t have been more welcoming.

The sites are so gorgeous! We had lunch at the Terasa U Prince Rooftop restaurant at the Hotel U Prince. The view of the Prague Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square was breathtaking. This 600-year-old medieval tower clock is a very well-known Instagram photo spot! We spent a lot of time in Old Town Square….it had everything we wanted and more!

Like everywhere we went, the food was just phenomenal—my favorite being the schnitzel. The service was outstanding. Similar to restaurants in the U.S. some were understaffed. However, locals were open and accommodating to serve us with the best experience. A must-see is the Black Angel’s Bar in the cellar of the Hotel U Prince. The original Romanesque and Gothic stone masonry of a bar built in 1930 is one of the Top 10 Best Hotel Bars in the World! And you can’t leave Prague without getting a Trzlegin.

My absolute favorite memory from Prague is so difficult to choose, but of course, Charles Bridge was, hands down, just epic. Of course, we found the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk to make our wish, watched the artists sketching caricatures and ate wonderful Czech food from street vendors. We completed the experience at a quaint winery located just under the historical and mesmerizing Charles Bridge. A memory that will last a lifetime.

Vienna, Austria

After our four amazing nights in Prague, we took, again, a short train ride to Vienna. Again, only six hours and $40 per person. We were once again transported to not only a new country, but an entirely new culture. We took a horse and carriage ride through the beautiful cobblestone streets, visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and had dinner aboard the Motto am Fluss on the Danube Canal. We walked around the square and took in all the local artists selling their wonderful creations, and all went home with a handmade necklace. That night we stayed at the Hilton Vienna Plaza as a layover to our next destination in Croatia. We enjoyed sitting in the open market and soaking in the historical culture — especially the exceptional people watching.  Louis Vuitton clutches, Prada heels and Gucci sunglasses lined the streets of this fresh city, just busting with prestige and style. Just outstanding.

“Every European country we toured is SO different. I know sometimes we feel it’s all “Europe” but the sights, sounds, smells and experiences are so unique. I couldn’t have been more thankful for the way we saw multiple countries!”


Split, Croatia

After our short stop in Vienna the following morning, we flew a short two-hour flight aboard Austrian Airlines ($200) from Vienna to Split, Croatia. Flying over the water was like nothing I’ve ever seen! Fifty thousand shades of blues and turquoise—it is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

We stayed at the Adriana Hotel located right at the banks of the Adriatic Sea. Like Prague, our first conquest in Croatia was taking the Split’s city tour to learn the city we would spend the next four days. The food and the scenery were just unbelievable. The next day we took an additional tour—a la boat—to see five pristine Croatian islands. On the Island of Hvar, we uncovered this quaint island restaurant. Family-owned and served with love, we had the most buttery, tender sea bass I’ve ever had.

We finished our days walking the cobblestone streets, eating delicatessen-crafted open-faced sandwiches, shopping and taking in live music. The streets were clean and calm. Then a cruise ship would show up and the whole town would begin to buzz with excitement. It was a wonderful ending to our multi-cultured experience throughout these amazing European cities.

On our last day, we spent the morning enjoying the beach, took our COVID tests in Split, and then skipped the train for an easy $80 flight from Split to Zagreb Croatian Airlines. Before we knew it, we were boarding our flight back to the U.S.  Albeit a bit jet-lagged, we were completely elated from an amazing ten-day multi-country European vacation.

Zagreb, Croatia

While we had a short time in Zagreb, we were able to see the Zagreb Cathedral during the evening hours and it was gorgeous! We found a locally owned restaurant for dinner. Then we discovered the most wonderful family-owned bakery, Magnolia, serving pastries and cheesecakes.

So, was it everything we expected? It was more. Due to the excellent communication from airlines to hotels and from everyone we encountered, we knew exactly what to expect.

For anyone considering taking that monumental and historic trip touring multi-country European vacation, my only advice is DO IT! It’s an experience like nothing else and the memories you make are absolutely the memories of a lifetime.

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