The Benefits of a Combined Approach to Corporate Travel & Event Management

As business travel continues to grow, so do the responsibilities of the modern day travel manager. Many are now tasked with event and meeting management in addition to corporate travel, and working with a single provider for both your business travel and meeting and incentive needs can bring several benefits to your organization.

Utilize Corporate Discounts

When you consolidate corporate travel and events management, you can cross-utilize your company’s negotiated corporate discount(s), leading to cost savings across both areas. Working with a single company also increases time savings by cutting down on communication made between multiple points of contact.

Increased Capture of Spend

By combing services, all of your spend data flows from one company, giving you easier access to the vital information needed to track expenses. Working with a company that has a dedicated data analytics team will also give you access to modern reporting.

Applied Duty of Care Services

Your duty of care protocols are crucial for ensuring the safety of your travelers, and integrating these principles and measures into your meetings management strategy helps to convey a consistent message of safety to your employees when you consolidate your services.

Access to Unused Tickets

Utilizing a single vendor for your bookings allows for seamless storage of unused tickets between meeting travel and corporate transient travel. By making unused tickets available for transient bookings, the credits are more likely to be utilized, reducing your overall travel spend.

Familiarization with Booking Process

When learning new technology, users can get frustrated when they don’t understand what to do, leading to a dip in compliance. Companies consolidating services under the same company can continue to make use of familiar technology, points of contact and culture. With dedicated teams under the same companies, communication lines are always open, resulting in better customer service and problem-solving.

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