The Flavors of Croatia

At first, visions of Croatia appear like drawings from a storybook: romantic, red-roofed cities edged by turquoise waters and unspoiled beaches, and majestic mountain peaks gleaming with pristine alpine lakes. Yet you’ll quickly gain a new perspective, where culinary traditions reflect the surprising diversity of this charming country. From Hungarian and Turkish influences to hints of the Mediterranean, the rich flavors of Europe converge in Croatia to create a completely unique gastronomy that will have your taste buds relishing every moment. As your travel experts, we’ll help you sample Croatia’s fresh and local way of life.



Past and present meet in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, where the cobblestone streets and medieval architecture of the Upper Town stand high over the modern Lower Town. Whether you seek kotlovina (a hearty meat stew) or štrukli (a thin dough stuffed with various fillings,) it’s an easy stroll along Tkalčićeva street, lined with coffeehouses.

Must See: While the majestic neo-Gothic towers of Zagreb Cathedral are iconic monuments, the Museum of Broken Relationships takes you on a unique, emotional journey with exhibits of donated love tokens from failed connections.



Reserve you a terrace seat at the award-winning Zinfandel’s Restaurant at Zagreb Esplanade Hotel. Chef Ana Grgić’s tempting dishes span from classic Štrukli Esplanade to black pig cheeks with porcini mushroom jam. We recommend a four or six-course tasting menu to experience a variety of decadent dishes.

Must visit: Start your evening sampling Croatian wines in one of Zagreb’s trendy wine bars, many of which are located in the heart of the city.



Once you’ve primed your palate for Croatian wine, go straight to the source. With over 800 wineries that span from the stunning Dalmatian Coast in the south of Istria, “The Other Tuscany” in the northwest and rolling vineyards in the Croatian Uplands, you’re sure to receive the insider’s tour. In the small village of Plastovo in the Dalmatia region, meet the family that runs Sladić Winery and savor cured meats and dried fruits that pair perfectly with crisp white maraština, or an aromatic red lasina.


Croatia is sure to take your taste buds on a vacation they’ll never forget. Are you ready to Discover Croatia? Join Fox Group Vacations in 2022.

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