The Importance of Actively Managing Your Travel Policy

Although your travel policy may seem like it’s working, actively managing it can provide a multitude of benefits you may not be aware of. Here is why we think you should take the time to review your travel policy with a travel management company (TMC).

Adapt to a Changing Industry

As the travel industry continues to evolve and grow, so should your travel policy. As companies rise and fall, evaluating preferred vendors can better align your travel program with your company’s goals. An example of this is Uber, which started as a consumer service and in short order found it’s way into a significant number of business travel policies. By reviewing your travel policy with your TMC, you can set clear guidelines on the use of new technologies, services and providers that align with your company objectives.

An Updated Policy Benefits Your Employees

Having a clear, concise travel program can alleviate confusion for employees that may not be familiar with travel lingo. Jesse Funk, a Fox World Travel client solutions manager, says it’s important to ask, “Is all of the language in the policy necessary for every employee to read?” Funk suggests trimming down your policy down to ten or less pages, as most won’t read more than that. Added bonus if you can summarize your policy into two or three pages. “I’ve read many policies that seem to address every exception or violation that has ever occurred,” Funk shared, “whereas the really effective and clear policies focus on managing the most impactful traveler behaviors.” By having an updated, modern travel policy, you are also more likely to attract and retain valuable employees.

Your Goals Should Involve Your Travel Program

When setting yearly goals as an organization, it’s important to incorporate travel. “Because a travel policy is a huge part of an organization, it’s important to evolve a policy to help achieve goals, whether they be budgetary, safety or culture,” said Jeff Saydah, another Fox client solutions manager. By aligning your policy with company goals, you are sending a consistent message to all employees. Saydah recommends starting with the most frequent teams that travel and align with those department heads on policy attributes that will support their objectives and desired business outcomes.

How Fox can Help

By sitting down and consulting on your policy, Fox can bring your policy to life by implementing technology and strategies to ensure your company’s objectives are achieved. Whether your goal is to save money, increase safety, or provide a better traveler experience we work with you to help achieve that.

If you’re interested in reviewing your current policy, contact us online or by phone at 877.535.7844.



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