The Power of Data in the Hands of Travel Managers 

Before Connie Pronschinske, Ashley Furniture’s Travel Manager, implemented Fox’s Cognition she learned about her travel program’s performance by viewing static reports that she manually manipulated.

Cognition, Fox’s business intelligence platform for travel programs, gave the long-time travel manager instant access to easy-to-understand visualizations. “It’s such a useful tool to have the information right at my fingertips,” says Pronschinske.  

Pronschinske estimates she’s saving more than a day of work every month now that she has access to valuable insights like bookings per passenger name record, agent segment totals and 14-day advance purchase reports.

“I felt like I was wasting a ton of time trying to finagle the reports to fit our organization’s needs,” says Pronschinske. “Now I have all the information I need right in front of me.” 

And Pronschinske can easily manipulate the data to provide Finance and other departments answers to their questions. “I’m able to filter through the data and run with it at any time,” she says. “I can answer budget questions, investigate staffing levels and analyze travel patterns all from Cognition.” 

But what Pronschinske appreciates most about the Fox data visualization tool is that it’s customized for her needs. Cognition can pull in organizational data like expenses, transactions, itineraries, operational details or anything she needs to analyze short or long-term. With that ability, Ashley has created a variety of custom cards specific to their travel program needs.

“The reports we’ve created have helped us with everything from impacting traveler behavior to answering budgeting questions for Finance,” says Pronschinske. “It’s so easy to use and gives us powerful information at our fingertips.”

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