Tifani Reflects on Her 100 Days with Fox

For anyone in the travel industry, the past few months have certainly been a constant state of new challenges. We have all had to pivot in order to meet the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. Fox Director of Global Development & Sales Operations Tifani Jones has a unique perspective on these times after choosing to join the Fox Family at the end of March this year — after the executive travel ban, after Fox and many other organizations’ workforces went completely remote, and a nationwide quarantine was in effect. Tifani just passed her first 100 days on the job, and we’ve asked her to reflect on her time with us and what gave her the confidence to take the leap and Fox.  Without hesitation, Tifani said she without a doubt made the right decision.

Here is what Tifani had to say about her onboarding journey and joining the Fox Family.

I began my interview process with Fox World Travel prior to any news of the potential impact of COVID-19. By the time an offer had been accepted and I needed to tender my resignation at my previous employer it was mid-March. Travel restrictions and event cancellations were unfolding, and I had a difficult decision to make. If I resigned my position, I ran the risk of my job offer being rescinded. I asked myself, what is the overall condition of Fox as a company? Were they positioned to weather the storm?

I reached out to the Fox team with my questions, and they said yes, they wanted to move forward. As we talked, I grew more confident that Fox was the right fit for me. The company had a strategic plan for the shutdown. The strength of the organization prior to COVID-19 was the foundation for the decisions that were being made. Fox has been a family owned business for three generations with a long-term outlook to be poised for the next generation.

In my role at Fox, I have had the opportunity to speak with many travel managers and, understandably, the topic of sustainability often comes up. I can confidently state that I had to ask that question myself. Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome of my decision to join the Fox Family.

In her first 100 days, Tifani has made enormous impact at Fox. Her drive and passion is easily seen by all. Especially in this time of uncertainty, we can confidently say two things: First, Tifani has been an incredible addition to our Fox team. Second, Fox World Travel is here to stay.



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