Tips and Tricks for Family Travel

Planning a family vacation? Traveling with kids can seem dauting, but no worries, with our tips, your family getaway can be fun for you and them.

Time to plan

Pack light. Keep in mind that every item that you put into that suitcase, you will be carrying with you, not to mention having to keep track of it.  In addition to potentially having to carry a a little one with tired feet, you don’t want a full backpack.  You can always pick up the little stuff once you get there.  Many hotels and transportation companies offer childproof rooms, cribs, and safety seat rentals. We will help you get everything setup so you know what to expect in destination.

Location is key! A hotel central to the actives  and sights you are interested in, preferably within walking distance, this will save on time and transportation costs. Does the location have amenities that are a must for families, like a wade pool for the little ones? A bathtub? What about kid friendly TV channels? Don’t forget dining options! Hotel restaurants and resorts that offer kids menus can be a lifesaver and help save you a headache at meal times with picky eaters.

Plan together. Get everyone involved in the planning! The best family vacations have a little bit of something for everyone. Older children and teens, who can be a bit more difficult to please, will be especially appreciative of this.

Booking your flights.  If you can, plan the plane ride at night so kids can sleep (this may also mean one less night of paying for overnight accommodations). For seating, airlines do not require you to purchase a seat for children under the age of two. However, you might want to consider it, because a little extra space can help prevent meltdowns.


Departure day is here…

The airplane ride… If you will be traveling with infants or toddlers, this may be the part of the trip that you are most dreading… But don’t worry, we got you. Bring just enough toys to keep the kiddos entertained in long lines, plane rides and car rides. The dollar store is your best friend, go and put together little gift or activity packs, wrap them up and keep bringing out new activities.  Nothing quiets down an antsy toddler like a surprise gift, even if it is individually wrapped crayons.

Once arrived, work with kids’ schedules, not against them. They may be at the greatest theme park in the world, but for the little ones, nap time is nap time. Plan for naps, and plot a slower schedule. Many times with family vacations, you just have to roll with the punches and be flexible. Make naps work for you and not against you.  Use this as a time for you to recharge and take a little break, get off your feet at that theme park, recline the stroller and treat yourself for a little bit.

Check for family deals and do the free stuff! Always do the free stuff. Many times, these are the activities that are most relaxing, memorable, and the best time to bond as a family. After all, that’s why you’re here, right?


Final thoughts to consider:

Finally, have fun! Attitude is everything. Have an open mind, be flexible, and go with the flow. And most importantly, have fun!

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