Tips for a Successful Implementation

As the travel industry continues to change, travel programs will also start to look very different from what they used to. Whether you were ready for these changes or not, reviewing your travel program and finding the right TMC fit for your organization is more important than ever in order to navigate through any potential issues. To help make sure you and your team were positioned to succeed in the future, we wanted to offer a few helpful tips so you can have a successful implementation.

2020 Magellan Award Innovating Implementations

  1. Define Goals Up-front

Thanks to past client feedback, we have realized how often travel managers experience difficulties with accurately describing their travel program needs. Since every organization is different, Fox World Travel works closely with each of our clients to acquire a deep knowledge of their current program and policies so we can help build customized solutions for them. By focusing on addressing travel manager pain points, we work with you to help discover and define practical goals for you right off the bat.

  1. Get the Right People Involved

You might think that only your travelers are the ones who care about your travel policy, but that is not true. By taking the time to identify the team members outside of just your travel departments who have an interest in your policy, you will have a better understanding of everyone’s needs, which will help you further support your travelers in the long run.

  1. Set Milestones Throughout the Process

A great way to monitor and track success throughout the implementation process is to set milestones and goals along the way. Since travel managers often also struggle with understanding the implementation timeline progression, tools such as our implementation dashboard help by accompanying each of our clients with an interactive, real-time implementation management system. This system displays important data such as project status metrics, project plans, open tasks and project risks, so clients always have full project transparency throughout the entire implementation process.

This also helps simplify the otherwise complicated process, as well as helps travel managers track their actionable items and tasks to focus on.

  1. Don’t Stress!

We know how time-consuming and frustrating the traditional implementation process can be, and stressing about it can lead to even more difficulties on your end. Thanks to our client-centric process, you are in good hands. We make sure everything is streamlined and hassle-free so you don’t feel stressed. With a 100% on-time launch rate and positive reviews across the board, our process is dedicated to help you feel confident and comfortable through it all.

While the implementation can cause a lot of unwanted stress and frustration, there are many ways to set yourself up for success ahead of time before starting the process over again. If you feel Fox World Travel is the right TMC for you to partner with during these changing times, contact us today to see how we can help meet all your goals.


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