Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

When planning your wedding it’s hard to know where to start. Here are our 5 tips for starting your trip down the aisle.

Destination Wedding

Tip #1: Save the date!  Start with the month you want to get married then narrow it down to the day. We will help you contact your chosen resort to make sure what you’ve chosen is open. After the date’s set, give your guests a heads up about your destination wedding plans at least eight months prior. This will allow them time to request days off of work, evaluate their budgets and maybe even plan their family vacation around your wedding date.

Tip #2: Dress for success!  While a tropical climate might be great for your tan, it can wreak havoc on big, fluffy dresses and full tuxes. Consider lighter-weight fabrics and remember to find a neckline that won’t show off any tan lines you may have acquired by the pool – oops!

Tip #3: Welcome your guests!  Leave a gift bag in each room full of goodies for your guests – most resorts offer this as a service. Or, better yet, throw an arrival cocktail party to distribute each guest’s welcome gift!  Don’t forget suntan lotion and trinkets to remind them of your wedding destination.

Check out our post on bridesmaid boxes for more ideas!

Tip #4: Pack with care!  Plan to carry on your dress and any other must-have day of apparel. If you’re having a wedding party, be sure to let them know to carry-on their wedding attire, too. If you are bringing any favors or decor, make sure you follow local guidelines to clear customs.

Tip #5: Plan some downtime!  Be sure to factor in plenty of free time for your family and friends. Although daily excursions and nightly cocktail parties can be fun, be sure to not over do it and allow your guests to enjoy the destination…after all, this is a vacation for them as well!

We want to help you make the most out of your special day.  Our Destination Wedding Specialists are here to make it happen.

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