Tips to Incorporate Wellness into Your Next Company Event

All across the U.S., wellness trends are on the rise. This is no different in the meetings and events industry. From pre-event to post, companies are finding ways to incorporate wellness into their events to enhance the employee and guest experience. When planning your next event, try to incorporate wellness into one or all these areas below.


Where you hold your event sets the tone before your guests even arrive. By planning in a temperate location based on the current season, your guests may be excited to leave and experience somewhere beautiful and warm. You also want to keep natural light in mind when picking a venue. Natural light lifts moods and helps to eliminate daytime dysfunction.


The first thing attendees see when they arrive at your event is the setup. By setting up your event to accommodate all, you can put people in a wellness mindset, leading to a more relaxing experience. One popular way of achieving this is by offering a variety of furniture. By swapping out the standard chairs for couches, bean bags, standing tables and ottomans, you may find your attendees have an easier time relaxing.


So many events follow a similar format. By mixing up the standard formula that you and your attendees are used to, you can increase interest and provide a session with lasting impact. Try to incorporate one or more of these activities into your next event:

  • Yoga for attendees.
  • Hiking for guests of attendees.
  • Morning workouts to get the mind and body ready.
  • Scavenger hunts either meeting- or convention-wide.
  • Open space meetings.


A good meal at a convention can go a long way. Everyone loves free food, especially when it’s delicious. So, set up these snacks for a crowd of happy eaters:

  • Fresh fruit stand.
  • Make-your-own juice bar.
  • Build your own trail mix.
  • Hummus and pita chips shot glasses.

Bonus: By incorporating a healthy food option with a display that impresses, you’ll have attendees taking pictures and sharing in no time!



Offering breaks will help your attendees stay energized. Make your breaks special with a unique flair: One of our favorite break options involves offering a free tour upon arrival to counteract the jet lag your visitors may feel. In addition, simply offering breaks during long events or sessions can reset the minds of those listening.

If you’d like to learn more about planning a meeting or event with wellness highlights, we encourage you to reach out to our team of specialists online or by calling 866.451.3061.


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