Top 5 Reasons for a Disney Christmas Vacation

By Vacation Travel Consultant, Katie Tappa

No matter what time of year you visit the wonderful world of Disney, there is magic to behold. A Disney Christmas vacation is uniquely special though in that it is unlike any other season. This truly magnificent place comes to life in so many ways. Here are a few of my favorite reasons to visit Mickey and the gang this holiday season.

5. Unique Snacks
Disney Christmas Vacation - Food & Drinks


Every winter, Disney’s California Adventure Park welcomes the Festival of the Holidays; a culinary celebration of Holiday traditions from around the world. This is the perfect time to skip a table service reservation and snack your way around the park instead. There are plenty of sweets, snacks, and sippers to satisfy any mouseketeer! Not to be outdone, a ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Florida includes hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and other goodies at select locations throughout Magic Kingdom. What better way to enjoy all of the holiday magic than with a tasty treat in hand?



4. Festive Decorations

Disney Christmas Vacation - Decorations


Disney has a unique style, and the holidays are certainly no exception. With hundreds of decorated Christmas trees spread all over the Disney parks, hotels and in both Disney Springs and Downtown Disney, you could easily spend a whole evening enjoying their beauty. Each year, Cinderella Castle in Florida and Sleeping Beauty Castle in California are frozen over (I suspect there is a queen to blame for that) with more than 200,000 Christmas lights. Experience sights and sounds that ring in the season perfectly and are not available any other time of year.



3. Jolly Parades 

Disney Christmas Vacation - Parades


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might have the balloons, but at Disney parades are all about the characters. Both Disney parks seamlessly blend together classic Christmas characters (a certain holly jolly man) and the Disney characters you know and love. In Florida, you’ll enjoy Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, and in California there’s A Christmas Fantasy. Each parade tells a unique story, while still combining elements fans have come to love. Once you hear the wooden clap of toy soldiers marching down Main Street, U.S.A., you’ll know that Christmastime is here.



2. Ride Overlays

Disney Christmas Vacation - Rides


California really shines in this category. For the holiday season Disneyland overlays three of its most famous rides with special Christmas themes. The classic Haunted Mansion is taken over by Jack Skellington and his friends from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the quirky and wonderful Jungle Cruise becomes Jingle Cruise, and It’s a Small World is adorned with more than half a million Christmas lights. These grand, beautiful thematic changes create a whole new ride experience for guests that can only be enjoyed during this time of year. Walt Disney World is starting to add a few enhancements to their rides at Magic Kingdom, so hopefully we’ll have even more new experiences in the Christmases to come!



1. Magical Moments

Disney Christmas Vacation - The magic


Truly, the most magical memories that will be made on your Disney Christmas vacation are the ones you can’t plan and that you experience in the moment. Disney and its cast members find ways to create surprises for even the most organized itinerary. You may wake up at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel to find Stitch scamming through the presents under the lobby’s beautiful ocean-themed Christmas tree. Or, while strolling down Main Street U.S.A, holding hands with your loved one, you may suddenly feel something cool brush your cheek – it’s that magical Disney snow flurrying around you. No one does magic better than Disney, and there is no time of the year more magical than the holidays.


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