Tour Overview

You�ll spend 10 unforgettable days � from Moscow to St. Petersburg � on your affordable tour of Russia. Begin sightseeing in the capital city of Moscow with the iconic Kremlin complex, Red Square, and the Vladimir Lenin Mausoleum. You�ll also see the 14th-century Troitse-Sergiev Monastery, and you�ll visit the Matryoshka Museum where you can learn how to paint your own Russian nesting dolls. Travel to the pretty town of Klin to see historic Russian Christmas decorations at the local museum where you will be able to create your own to take home, , as well as the Tchaikovsky House-Museum � home of composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. You�ll stop in Tver for a traditional evening of Russian dining, after visiting the Goldwork Embroidery Museum and the beautiful Russian Orthodox Valday Iversky Monastery. Next, your escorted budget vacation in Russia will lead you to the city of Novgorod with its opulent St. Sophia Cathedral, St. George�s Cathedral, and an open-air wooden traditional Russian village. Your budget travel vacation to Russia concludes with your 3-night stay in splendid St. Petersburg. You�ll discover the magnificent architecture, culture, and history of this amazing port city � founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703. Explore the Peter & Paul Fortress and Cathedral � which served as a jail which held the likes of Dostoyevsky, Trotsky, and the Tsar�s son Alexei. The local guide will show you the main sights and bring the city�s history back to life, and you will be able to choose from many sightseeing options � from the Tsar�s Winter Palace, the Hermitage, to the blue and white Catherine Palace. . Your exciting affordable tour of Russia will be an experience like no other. Your thoughts will often return to your memories of Russia with love for a long time to come. Included Features:MOSCOW Guided city tour including Metro tourSERGIEV POSAD Guided visit Trinty-Sergius Monastery and Matryoshka MuseumKLIN Visit the Christmas Decoration Museum and Tchaikovsky House MuseumTORZHOK Visit the Goldwork Embroidery MuseumLAKE VALDAYSKOYE Visit the Valday Iversky MonasteryNOVGOROD Guided visit of the Kremlin, St. Sophia Cathedral and wooden architecture museumST. PETERSBURG Guided city tour and Peter & Paul Fortress

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