Train Vacations

Train vacations are unlike any other trip you’ve been on. Completely unique, these trips go all over North America to beautiful destinations that show off mother nature like no other trip can. You aren’t just seeing amazing sights, you’re also doing it stress free and in luxury when you book with Fox. Take a train through the Canadian Rockies in a seat designed for relaxation all while enjoying delicious food, endless entertainment and non-stop breathtaking views. Or, take a trip right here in the U.S.A. to some of our country’s best sights such as the Grand Canyon or the Colorado Rockies. So hurry up, the train is leaving the station to your next great getaway. Just don’t forget your camera.

Fox Train Vacations

Join Fox World Travel on these railway experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Travel on trains fitted with comfy seat, first class food and plenty of sights to take in. All Fox vacations come with a level a detail and care that takes these trips to the next level. Our train vacations are also accompanied by an expert tour guide to help with anything on your next journey through the mountains, canyons and parks.