Transform the Traveler’s Journey Through Technology

Technology is integral to every part of the traveler journey. Whether it’s booking flights, viewing your itinerary on a mobile travel app or reading hotel reviews, leveraging technology throughout the travel spectrum is critical.  


This is where a technology-driven travel management company, like Fox World Travel, excels. We place a high priority on technology innovation. Learn how Fox stays on top of the latest trends in travel technology including our proprietary development thereof: 


Open to Unique Solutions 

Corporate travel programs are individually unique, and Fox is dedicated to exceeding your requirements by supporting the best-in-industry technology that will help you achieve your specific objectives. Whether providing custom reports or managing a fleet of company vehicles, our goal is to fulfill your travel needs through the adoption of third-party tools or the creation of in-house technology solutions by our application development team. We save you time and resources by identifying and offering custom solutions. See how one client changed their business process because of advancements provided by a Fox proprietary solution!  


Continual Market Evaluation 

Fox is constantly evaluating new solutions to augment our strong portfolio of technology offerings. By staying in front of the latest trends and monitoring feedback from our travelers, we can enhance the traveler experience through the adoption of new travel technology.  We keep technology as a focal point by maintaining strong industry knowledge and partnerships. As business travel continues to evolve, this industry knowledge proves pivotal in offering you the latest tools, further enhancing the travel experience.  Here’s just one example!  


Enhance Traveler Experiences 

Improving customer experience often times starts with the process.  One great and timely example of this was with the surge of unused tickets and changing refund policies. Fox was able to create a custom technology that not only automatically looks for, but also auto-applies unused tickets per each traveler’s new booking. It even alerts action when new refund policies create the ability to transition an unused ticket to a cash refund.  Director of Travel Technology, Jared Bachman said, Constantly changing airline rules and exception waivers can make the unused ticket experience challenging for customers and agents alike. By automating this process, we’ve been able to maximize the value of our customers’ tickets in a highly efficient manner.”  Not only has this proven seamless for the traveler experience, but this technology has also been nominated and awarded for it’s innovation and effectiveness 


Complementing Technology 

Fox seeks to innovate through technology that complements existing solutions. “When we consider third-party or in-house technology, we use our 3i Philosophy to help guide us. 3i technology has to be innovative, intuitive, and intelligent,” said Director of Application & Product Development, Jeremy Dyken. “We also look for integration opportunities between all of our systems. If the technology can meet those expectations while delivering value to clients, there’s a high likelihood that we will proceed with its adoption.” 


If you’re interested in learning how Fox’s technology-driven approach can enhance your travel program, contact us. 


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