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The role of a travel manager is one of the most diverse. With a passion for doing right by the company and running an efficient program, travel managers also have a deep passion for ensuring their employees and traveling associates are feeling heard, taken care of and well informed.  While balancing so many expectations of others, travel managers today are also being asked to do more, report differently and have a keen understanding of the everchanging landscape—that’s a LOT of priorities.

It’s been a difficult role to balance and at Fox, we understand the stress these competing forces can have. We are here to be your advocate and resource for it all.  

At a time when traveler sentiment and corporate policies are taking center stage, it’s our role at Fox to be the advocate for you, the travel manager, to ensure you have the knowledge, tools and partnership to help guide you through it all.



As a commitment to your knowledge, education and growth, Fox has produced a substantial library of webinars, sends monthly educational newsletters and brings you industry breaking trends from key partners and experts.  As Fox continues to build your knowledge, we want to hear from you.

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Help us know what topics are most important to you and how you like to receive them, so we keep bringing you more of what you want.



Sometimes more isn’t better, but clarity is, and transparent and visual data can help. Our proprietary Cognition™ dashboarding tool can help you in your daily needs for dissecting and reporting. Would it be helpful to have a better way to track your traveler expenses for mitigating risk and reducing out-of-policy spend—we have a tool for that too. Whether it’s a report, a technology or a custom-developed tool, Fox brings you the resources you need to be smart and agile in your program management.  Reach out to your Fox Client Solutions Manager or our sales team to see a demo.

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There’s a lot we can do on our own, especially when we have the knowledge and tools… but every now and again, a conversation with an expert brings it all together and allows us new perspective and ideas.  Whether you need a quick conversation, or an in depth consult with our program experts, supplier solutions, travel technology or traveler experience experts, our team of partners are ready and waiting to help you wade through your questions.

What Key Area Are You Most Focused On for 2022?

As an advocate for YOU, getting you the knowledge, tools and partnership you need to succeed is central to our mission in driving your business forward.


Contact us to learn more how on Fox provides meaningful consultation, technology, process and programming that enhances your total business objectives and supports you, the travel manager.


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