Transforming Business Travel


Transform: To make a thorough or dramatic change of the form, appearance or character of.

As humans, we are constantly transforming in our everyday lives. We adapt to the situations around us. Travel is no different.

Despite the fact that travel came to a halt in 2020, or perhaps because of it, many organizations are giving renewed attention to the importance of a strong travel program. These organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of their travel managers and relying on them to help plan a smooth return to travel.

But travel program managers may realize that what worked two years ago may need review and consideration to be successful in a post-COVID world.

The way people and businesses operate has transformed, and so has travel. Therefore, it’s time to evolve your business travel program too. Having a true partnership with your TMC is more important now than ever.

Whether it’s cost savings strategies to fit slimmer budgets, or solidifying policy compliance and duty of care initiatives to ensure traveler safety, travel managers are turning to their TMCs to consult on change while still delivering a positive traveler experience. Having a TMC that will listen and respond to your needs instead of offering one-size-fits all solutions is key to successfully navigating the return of your program.

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At Fox, we are transforming all the time to help travel managers design programs that meet their unique travel program needs. As part of our Find-a-Way culture, we love the challenge of continuing to evolve our customers’ travel programs. The driving force behind our approach? Customization. Fox doesn’t propose change for the sake of change. We share tangible feedback directly from your travelers to recommend meaningful changes specific to your organization.

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Keeping doors of communication open between you and your travelers will allow you to evolve your program for the better.

“Our philosophy at Fox really is to start with the voice of the customer,” said George Kalka, vice president of business travel. “Organizations and TMCs need to be willing to ask questions to gain that deeper understanding needed to transform and create an experience that travelers require while still meeting company goals. This is how Fox creates customization for clients that truly speaks to individual organizational needs.  Something this central to an organization’s culture can’t be cookie cutter.”

Throughout 2021, Fox will be sharing articles, webinars and stories about how we can work together to evaluate needs that may have changed due to COVID-19 or simply find those opportunities to continue to evolve; from data and duty of care, to program engagement and traveler-travel manager relationships.

“Travel today is so much different than travel just a year ago,” said Kalka. “Now is the time to be thoughtful about how we can truly help our travelers and organizations and adapt policies and processes in step with an ever-changing business travel environment.”

Fox World Travel sees the transformations in business travel and knows where and how to adapt. If you have questions about evolving your program for post COVID and the back to travel era, we are here to support you.


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