Transforming Meetings


Meetings are making a strong come back and are experiencing a visible transformation along the way. With a heightened focus on the individual safety and comfort of all attendees, planners have new challenges they are facing in their everyday tasks. From sourcing venues with limited space and availability to contracting challenges with turnaround times extending from days to weeks, resilient planners are transforming how they work like never before. Crystal Zawilinski, Meetings and Incentives Sales Director, has key considerations to keep in mind while planning your next big event.



The hotel industry has shifted astronomically as the surge to return to travel continues.  Many hotels are looking to maximize revenue during this rebound and therefore are often allowing for less square footage per attendee, forcing some groups to change the design of their program.  It is important to remember that in popular cities, space is becoming very limited, and availability is changing quickly.  As hotel staffing continues to be an issue, RFP contract timelines can also be impacted.   


Meeting Logistics 

It is of most importance that at any event all attendees and staff feel safe and comfortable.  Hotels and other venues are adding in precautions and have had to adjust to ensure safety in the new climate of meetings and incentives.  This may mean that events look a little different going forward.  Many venues are utilizing outdoor space more for breakouts and receptions.  Modified menus and individually wrapped food is still a focus for some locations, while others are starting to return to buffet style options, but with modifications such as banquet staff serving all food.  With these adjustments in menu and beverage service, planners are shortening planning timelines to accommodate for changing regulations.  With these ever-changing local regulations, Fox will help you build a contingency plan for your contingency plan to compensate for changes that may come up. Our experts can help identify common challenges and scope out back-up arrangements, so your event doesn’t miss a beat.  


Safety protocols 

To ensure your event will go off without a hitch, double check all health and safety protocols with your venue prior to the event.  Ask your hotel what their current cleaning procedures are and be prepared that the safety protocols could vary between venues.  Temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations, and room capacity limits are all measures venues could continue to take to provide a safe return to meetings and incentives.  Outlining your expectations clearly during the hotel solicitation process with your organization’s most important health and safety protocols will be key. 


As the world of meetings and incentives continues to transform, Fox is here to help navigate these uncharted waters and will be the frontrunner for information and helpful tips to ensure your success. 


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