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During Travel

Have questions the day of travel or while in destination? From weather and baggage fees to customs and TSA requirements, we have you covered.


Helping you to create a plan of action for your well-being after returning home and preparing you for your next adventure.

A Guide to Travel Details Based on Destination*

*Information is provided as guidance only and accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites and airline materials before booking and traveling.


Enter your travel destination and Sherpa will provide information in reference to that area such as mask, documentation and quarantine requirements and other community guidelines.


Enter your departure and arrival destinations as well as where you hold a passport from to check visa entry specifications. CIBTvisas will display entry restrictions, entry and health requirements, in-country experience, transit restrictions and re-entry requirements.

Airline Customer Service Dashboard
U.S. Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation has created a dashboard to ensure the traveling public has easy access to information about services that U.S. airlines provide to mitigate passenger inconveniences when the cause of a cancellation or delay was due to circumstances within the airline’s control. A green check mark on the dashboard means an airline has committed to providing that service or amenity to its customers. A red “x” means the airline has not made that commitment. However, airlines with a red “x” may provide these services and amenities in some instances in their discretion.


With changing protocols, travelers should allow for more time prior to departure and be aware that the TSA Security Checkpoint process has taken measures to reduce direct contact and increase social distancing.


Most major car rental providers have implemented new sanitation standards for their vehicles as well as cleanliness and distancing practices for airport shuttles and branch locations. Please note that due to high demand, it is important to reserve your car prior to arrival.


The majority of hotel chains have introduced new cleaning and social distancing standards. Prior to departure, travelers should be aware various hotel services such as fitness centers, some public areas and food service – including breakfast availability – may be closed or modified. Travelers are encouraged to contact their individual hotel prior to arrival to understand the specific local practices.

Best Practices

Remember to follow all CDC guidelines while traveling and upon your return home. The most common best practices include:

  1. Taking proper personal hygiene precautions like regular hand-washing.
  2. Quarantining according to your workplace and community guidelines.
  3. Practicing social distancing.
  4. Monitoring yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and testing when necessary or required.
  5. Checking Sherpa prior to departure, in-destination and prior to return home.

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