Vacation Travel Consultant Spotlight – Chelsea Sarauer

Fox World Travel is filled with so many hard-working and knowledgeable travel consultants that are dedicated to helping people fully enjoy their vacations. While each Fox travel consultant is insightful and can provide assistance with any trip, of course, each associate has their specialties. When it comes to one of our Fox Stars, Chelsea Sarauer is the hero of all things Disney!

Before transitioning into being a superhero vacation travel consultant at Fox, Chelsea previously worked as a vacation planner at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Orlando, FL, where she had to know about every single event occurring each day. But of course, her fandom couldn’t keep her away from returning, as Chelsea, a life-long Disney enthusiast, has visited the various Disney parks more than 50 times in her life, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Chelsea understands just how important and special a trip to Disney is for people and their families. With this in mind, Chelsea goes the extra mile to make sure you experience what you’re looking forward to most in the most efficient manner.

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Chelsea knows everything about planning the perfect trip to Disney that not only will she be able to plan your entire itinerary, she can unmask the hidden gems that are often overlooked in the park, save the day with highlighting clear routes to medical areas for those needing assistance or even tell you the best ways to spend your snack credits! Chelsea is always keeping a watchful eye over each client, making sure she is there for anything a traveler could need throughout their trip.

Whether you’re heading to Disney or anywhere else in the world, Fox Vacation Travel Consultant Chelsea Sarauer is a Fox Star you would love to have by your side!

Vacation Travel Consultant Spotlight - Chelsea Sarauer

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