FAQ: Fox Group Vacations


How do I protect my Travel Investment?

For peace of mind, we recommend purchasing travel protection insurance. Your travel advisor can discuss options with you, including medical expense coverage, pre-existing medical condition exclusion waivers, trip cancellation, trip delay, lost, delayed, or damaged baggage and more. To cover pre-existing conditions, most policies must be purchased within 14 days of making your initial deposit. Travel protection insurance prices are based on your age and the trip cost.


Early Booking Discount:

Can I take advantage of any group discounts?

Often, our Fox Groups will offer several types of discounts. When groups are first announced, you may see an Early Booking Discount that is applicable if reserved and deposited within a certain timeframe. Other offers may be Pay in Full, Loyal Passenger, Travel Show or Webinar discounts. Some discounts may combinable, subject to terms of the group. Your Travel Advisor can assist you in finding the current discount amounts, the booking timeframes and if they are applicable to your reservation.


Tour Managers: 

Will a Fox World Tour Manager travel with us?

Our goal is to send a Fox World Tour Manager with all group departures as they enhance the experience for our clients and serve as a safety net should issues arise. Tour managers are not guaranteed to travel as minimum group size, destination or tour customization may be a factor. Most tours will still operate even if a Fox Tour Manager will not be accompanying the group. Clients will be notified in advance and thoroughly briefed prior to departure. Comprehensive documents will be issued, along with emergency contact and phone numbers.



What are my flight options when I travel with a group?

If offered, the most convenient option when traveling with a group will be to utilize the group air flights. If there are flight changes prior to departure, Fox will process those changes and update you. Group air is reserved in economy and seat assignments will be available after final payment is made which may be up to 30 days prior to departure. Fox Group Vacations will do their best to honor seat assignment requests.

If you would like to upgrade your seats or fly on a specific carrier to use frequent flyer miles, our Fox World Travel Advisors can assist you. When booking air outside of our group air, local motorcoach transfers or transfers within the destination may not be available unless the flight schedule fits within the groups’ air schedule. If the upgraded seats are purchased on the same carrier and schedule as the group, and the group air changes or cancels, the client will be responsible for all changes and costs that may occur.


Optional Excursions: 

Can I book optional excursions and when will they be available?

We custom build our groups to include the best, immersive experiences for each unique region we visit, but are more than excited to help with additional excursions offered by our tour operators. Information on these excursions may be available after making your initial deposit, some will be available a few months prior and some after final payment is made. Many tour operators allow booking only while on-site. Fox Group Vacations will monitor and share this information with our clients as soon as optional excursions become available for purchase.


Solo Travel:

What are my options as a Solo Traveler?

Traveling solo with a group is a wonderful way to experience a destination without ever being alone. There will always be new friends to meet, enjoy a meal with and explore together. Of course, you can enjoy doing your own exploration too, using the group structure as your base. With a few exceptions, most tours will require paying a single supplement. These supplements vary in pricing as you are paying for a single room and not splitting the cost with a companion. Fox World Travel will never pair solo travelers. We will however take into consideration if you ask to be partnered with another solo traveler. Both parties will have to contact each other personally to see if they will be compatible roommates and both parties must inform Fox Groups that they agree to share a room.


Customized Tour/Soul Usage:

What happens when a tour does not meet its minimum?

Fox Group Vacations wants our guests to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary vacation, different from the typical brochure itinerary. To do this, many of our tours are created with customized elements, including soul use coaches which are private coaches just for our Fox World guests. Being a private tour, they require a minimum number of passengers to operate. If we do not meet our minimum, the tour may either be cancelled or operate without a Fox World Tour Manager, but with a local professional in the destination.


Additional questions on our Fox Group Vacations? Please call a travel advisor at 888-369-8785.