We’re firm believers that life’s greatest experiences are made better by the people you share them with. That’s why Contiki invented group travel for young people in 1962 and continue to spend time perfecting it.  You’ll explore amazing destinations with a group of 18-35 year olds from around the world who share your passion for adventure, good times and creating memories that define what it is to be young, wild and free.

Contiki is all about exploring the world with like-minded people from all over the globe which is why theyonly run trips for 18-35 year olds that celebrate being young, spirited and curious. Plus, you’ll travel alongside a group of awesome people from around the world – places like Australia, the U.K, and Canada (to name a few). On Contiki trips to Europe, Australia, North America, and New Zealand, you’ll join a group size of up to 50 travelers and on our trips to Asia and Latin America it’s all about smaller group adventures with a group size of up to 30 travelers. Don’t worry if you’re not traveling as a couple or with a friend from home, about 50% of our travelers set off solo, meaning you’ll have a ton of opportunities to make new friends.  Let us help you find the best tour itineraries with Contiki!