Wedding Party Boxes

One of the most insta-worthy wedding planning moments is the one where you get to ask all your best friends to stand by your side during your big day! It’s important to remember that a destination wedding can have all the fun moments of a traditional wedding, just with your own special twist. Your wedding party boxes are your chance to get everyone excited! Let’s check out some ideas for what you could incorporate in your boxes based on your personal style.


Pack your Bags:

Give your friends a little jump start getting their bags packed.  Check off some essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cute passport case.  Don’t forget to include some champagne so they can celebrate and make that packing process a little bit more bubbly.

Wedding Party


Celebrating the Destination:

Let’s get excited for the final destination! In this box we included a piece of handmade pottery from the country you are headed, a favorite local libation, some room spray to get you in the mood, and of course a great pair of sunglasses.

Wedding Party


Keep it Classic:

Going for the more classic vibe? Bubbly is always, always a good idea.  Throw in a piece of jewelry for your ladies to wear on the big day and include something sentimental.  Add in something that subtly reflects your destination like a scented candle that brings your destination to life.

Wedding Party


Pool Party:

Some of you are looking forward to the after party just as much as the walk down the aisle.  Reflect your attitude by playing with you wedding party color by supplying a fun towel, sunglasses, some tequila, a reusable cup, and of course keep it classy for some day-of bling.

Wedding Party


Let us help you plan all the fun touches for your special day.  Our Destination Wedding Specialists are here to make it happen.

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