What Does a Travel Management Company Do?

When a company is ready to strategically approach staff business travel needs, it often looks to the services and products a travel management company provides. After all, business travel management is a multifaceted, complex endeavor, particularly when done on a large scale in the corporate environment. And today, when considering COVID-era travel, a partnership with a travel management company is more important than ever. So how can a travel management company help your organization? And what does a travel management company do? Let’s find out.

Five things a travel management company does

1. A travel management company (sometimes known as a TMC) is dedicated to making travel easy for the traveler, and just as importantly, for travel managers. And, that’s a vital component of your business success, especially as travelers hit the road during a pandemic. Business travelers who are satisfied with their travel arrangements are more productive, more efficient and more effective at their jobs while on the road. Rather than worrying about travel arrangements, they are instead free to focus on the job at hand because a professional at a business travel management company has taken care of every detail customized to their needs. Busy travel managers, many of whom have a full plate of responsibilities beyond managing corporate travel, can rest assured they have a travel expert on their side who is willing to put their expertise to work on their behalf, even take the lead.

Julie Van Oss, Travel Manager at a global dairy manufacturer, uses technology provided by her TMC to run a future air/hotel/car report. “I take a look at where travelers are staying and I pick up the phone and call the hotel to talk to them about sanitation, cleanliness and service changes at the property,” says Van Oss. “The property really likes getting the call and passing along the information to my travelers gives them confidence around what to expect when they arrive.”


2. A travel management company develops valuable supplier relationships and stays on top of industry trends and emerging technology to provide the best business travel management customer service and to keep travel managers informed. Often, a TMC will keep its finger on the pulse of the industry through professional trade associations. Business travel industry leaders likely tap into technologies like SAP Concur® and get the latest trend news from organizations like Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). These are indications the TMC will provide the information you need to know when you need it.

Fox’s Vice President of Supplier Solutions, Mike Heck communicates daily with airline, hotel, car and other travel suppliers about service updates and changes on behalf of the clients. In addition, a travel management company develops relationships with suppliers, enabling them to not only negotiate on pricing but also better manage issues when they arise. That’s invaluable when there are widespread travel issues and travel managers need an advocate who can customize solutions for their team.

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3. A business travel management company works hard to keep your travelers safe so you can fulfill your duty of care. A top-notch TMC will look out for the safety and security of your staff. And now, more than ever, duty of care is likely one of the top priorities of travel managers. Travel managers can utilize a TMC’s communication tools so you know where your travelers are in real time and send urgent messages as needed. Fox has even instituted additional traveler messaging to assist travelers in their COVID-era traveling experience.

Given the current unpredictable global environment and growing security concerns, most travel security experts strongly recommend the creation of a well-structured and comprehensive travel and risk policy and a strong duty of care platform.  Your TMC partner should play a crucial role in managing travel risk by identifying gaps and providing the right recommendations and solutions to fill those gaps. You and your organization should not face a crisis alone.”


4. A TMC provides travel technologies and services that simplify your company’s travel experience and customize technology solutions to the unique needs of your business. In business travel, as in life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A top business travel management company will provide mobile solutions, comprehensive traveler information, booking solutions and other valuable traveler tools that are customized with your organization’s needs in mind. A great TMC forges solutions that are reflective of your company policies, budget, business goals and more.

“Fox listens to understand our concepts, sometimes better than we can articulate them,” their travel manager said. “Their development team was fantastic to work with and kept us involved throughout to ensure the custom request fulfilled our vision. The tool has been a game changer for our team and Fox continues to surpass our expectations. They are truly an extension of our managed travel program.”

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5. A top TMC will provide in-depth analytics, including performance reports, so travel managers can communicate the effectiveness of their business travel program to organizational leadership. Executives want to know how the business travel program is performing. With comprehensive data at their fingertips, travel managers will be able to provide a clear picture of the effectiveness of the program.

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More on Fox…

At Fox World Travel, we know how important it is to provide a seamless travel experience for hard-working professionals so they can perform at their best. That’s why we’re dedicated to being industry leaders by leveraging the best travel technologies and through membership to professional associations like GBTA, an organization dedicated to ongoing professional development, research and advocacy to better the travel industry.

As an award-winning travel management company, our ability to provide quality business travel support is clear. Fox World Travel is ranked among the Travel Weekly Power List, the annual ranking of travel companies with travel sales of $100 million or more, and been awarded numerous of their prestigious innovation awards.

And we’re honored to be among the Deloitte Wisconsin 75, the 75 largest and most successful private companies in the state who power the economy and strengthen our communities.

Awards and accolades are great, but we’re not in this for the hardware. We’re in it to serve you. And our greatest reward is knowing we’ve made your job easier by providing unsurpassed service in travel management.

According to a report by Oxford Economics, every dollar invested in business travel produces an average of $12.50 in additional revenue and $3.80 in new profit. Having the right travel management company on your side is vital to realizing results.

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