What is the “Next Big Thing” in Corporate Travel?

As GBTA 2021 approaches, we are looking forward to the fresh ideas, exciting innovation and unrelenting passion that the largest annual business travel convention brings. Here are a couple of trends our Fox associates believe will have the greatest impact now and in the coming years.


George Kalka – Vice President of Business Travel

Organizations are redefining what business travel means to them. With offices reopening and travel volume increasing, travel buyers are engaging with their suppliers in new ways to support today’s environment. At the same time, travel programs have become more strategic partners to risk, safety, HR and sustainability teams as they prepare for supporting travelers through changing travel conditions. The industry has never been more reliant on each other and connected as we move business travel forward.



Tifani Jones – Director of Global Development and Sales

Travel managers are exploring all aspects of their program during this phase of recovery and many are taking this opportunity to issue a request for proposal. Organizations are curious to learn what technology developments have occurred since their last bid cycle, with an emphasis on creating efficiency. Another area of focus for travel managers has been traveler experience. Aligning with a travel management partner that compliments your culture can assist in creating the positive experience for business travelers.



Tina Husemoller – Director of Client Solutions

We are noticing changes in the way business travelers are approaching travel.  Business professionals are starting to welcome bleisure travel into their work trips. It is evident that business travelers are eager to get back on the road and are mixing in leisure travel at the same time.  Over the last year and a half families have had to postpone vacations and as business travelers are taking to the skies again, their loved ones are accompanying them.  It is clear that although some things have changed in the travel industry, Duty of Care continues to be at the forefront of travel managers program management initiatives.  Along with Duty of Care, data integration is a key focus and we are seeing more and more companies exploring opportunities for a single platform of which we develop for them.



Sam Hilgendorf – Chief Information Officer

New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a new technical standard for distribution of airline content. While progress is being made across the supply chain, it’s a slow process. Air travel distribution is complex, and there are many points of integration that must evolve and align. It will still take some time before NDC becomes a reality for travelers — and as it becomes a reality, expect it to bring confusion and new challenges. Throughout this transition, Fox World Travel will continue to stay in front of the NDC discussion with our partners and our clients. We are committed to investing in our technology and capabilities, at the same time focusing on delivering the best possible traveler and travel manager experience.


These are just a few of the many ideas that are sure to be hot topics at GBTA. To get the full scoop, attend an educational session, all focused on the latest innovations and trends in business travel.

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